Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge

ewsummerbooks.pngOK, so I stumbled onto this blog, via the LA Times, and since reading is a HUGE part of my life....I have decided to join this reading challenge! I am dipping into the challenge as a guppy...mostly because I am worried that most of the books will be on a waiting list at my library. I am excited to read some of the books on the list (Entertainment Weekly's summer reading list), so do YOU want to join me???? Look for my reviews...coming soon!

SORRY, the picture is not coming up for some's the link: Check it out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's Happening??

What have we been up to? Not sure why this is typing underlined...please ignore...but besides looking cute lounging with a toothbrush ?!?....we have....
finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons, and finally got it the last day! Argh...oh well!
Went to Gilroy to visit Aunt Jenny who was visiting her in-law's and nephew and niece.

Partying with a pony! And this cute guy turned 7!
And this sweet guy turned 5! Making sure no one blows out his candle....

Made our summer list...shamelessly stole this cute idea from another blog.

Working on our workbooks
Here's Cooper again showing he's 5 with his birthday doughnuts....a tradition around our household!
Went to the Carmel beach...and froze...but the boys loved every minute, making sandcastles and outrunning the waves.
Played at the Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey. If you haven't gone, get much fun...a real train to climb all over, fun equipment, paddle boats...we had a blast!
Started that day off with fun at Casa de Fruta!
Spencer blowing out his candles, and yes, blocking his little brother and cousins from blowing out the candles!

More to come...happy summer to you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

For Vicki

(BFFs forever...Brian, Joe, Chip)
Sorry....I never got to post about the Hattons visit to CA! (Now that I'm on break, I can go back and share some past events!)
Chip, Vicki, and Lily spent some time with us, and we had a great visit! Cooper immediately declared he was going to "marry that girl" (Lily). It was very sweet! We wish they lived nearby!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Summer School

Excuse the no pics of these days I will spend the time getting my pics onto the mac instead of only my pc laptop! I have been using the mac a lot more...though mostly because the laptop is super old (almost 5!) and the boys love to use it!
it's officially summer for us!!!!!!! YAY! We are enjoying our days...we jumped in with swim lessons right away, and yesterday spent a family day in Monterey doing all those things we want to check off our summer list...train and carousel at Casa de Fruta, Dennis the Menace Park, paddleboats, Carmel beach, clam chowder in a bread bowl on the was a great day!
Today Joe let me sleep in on my first day off, so our "summer school" didn't start yet! Yes, I am doing the Brown Summer School. We are studying a theme a week, and that includes books from the weekly library visit, art project, field trip, etc. I bought the boys a workbook for Grade 2 and K, so they are working on those everyday, as well as time for reading. The time is pretty structured in the morning, starting with chores, walk, breakfast, workbook and learning time, reading block, etc. But the afternoons are pretty free, plenty of time for park, walks, bike rides, playdates, etc. this week we aren't starting with a theme yet. We are coming up with our weekly themes, organizing the overflowing art supplies, starting journals, workbooks, and schedules, signing up for library summer program, swim lessons, etc. We have a visit to a friend on Wednesday (Hi Kim!) and a birthday celebration on Friday, party time on Saturday. But I am excited. I have my own list of summer projects and reading lists. I will share as we go along.
Here are some links to see some great and fun "summer school" ideas:
* (She is doing a Funner in the summer series...scroll through some past entries like THIS one to see how she is doing her program!)
EDITED: here is another post from my fav blog about summer schooling: No More Summer Mush Mind and the one that got me thinking about my summer school!

Anyone else doing "summer school"? don't get me wrong...we are playing and lazing around in pajamas and breaking out the board games (Battleship is a current fav) and being bored (well, not yet!)...but I also want to capitalize on my kiddos interests in learning. they are at such a perfect age! Loving it!