Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer Season I am...fianlly giving my ole blog some love! Between work and home and life and my camera being semi out of commission..only my zoom lens works and waiting for my insurance check for it...and trying to decide to just buy a lens or upgrade my camera...hmmm.any thoughts??? So...without further ado, soccer season is upon us and Cooper is playing U6 this year and LOVING it! He played his first game on Saturday, played goalie and forward and was good! We had so much fun cheering for him! I think soccer is his sport. Plus, Daddy is a coach, so he gets lots of daddy time!
Spencer is playing splashball (jr water polo). Anything water related, he loves! I need to bring my camera down for that.
Everyone else is fine! So happy that fall is right around the corner...pumpkin patch, Halloween, cooler weather...I always forget how much I love fall until it comes! Happy (almost) Fall to you!