Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HAlLowEEn!!!!

The group (minus Peyton)


My kiddos
Kendall and Peyton, both Snow White!
Another done and over...looking at my kids in their costumes over the years makes me a little sad...they grow sooo fast!
Our annual trick or treating with the Adrian's, of course! Candy and little boys running around happily. Kendall enjoyed her first trick or treating experience from the comfort of her stroller! she was so happy that people were giving her candy (her favorite!). Not as many houses had their lights on this year...seemed to be a quieter evening around here! What about you?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Parties galore!

Carving pumpkins at Grammy's!

Dancing with Maddie!
It's Halloween....a kid's favorite time of the year! My kids had their parties at school yesterday and today. I only have pics from Kendall's to far! Daddy and Grammy went to celebrate with Kendall! Walking in the parade with Grammy!Her friends at school....yes, she is sobbing! No pics for her!
All better, playing on the slide with Daddy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the Story

OK, so I keep getting messages from people about our exciting day yesterday, so I thought I'd tell the story here....we were ROBBED! Ok, I've never been robbed (well, my car was broken into once), but this was a full on robbery! Joe left our house at 8:30 to go on Spencer's field trip. he came home at noon to find the front door ajar. He thought that was strange, but walked in. Our CD chest was open and he walked in further and saw his mac tipped over and papers from the file cabinets spilling out. He realized we had been robbed. He called his brother, who told him to get outside and call the cops in case they were still in the house! So he did...and the cops came in, guns drawn! Meanwhile, he calls me at school and I flip out! I go and find my principal and ask her if I can leave early. She says yes, of course, so our secretary cancels my 5 parent conferences and I leave...Joe had cleaned up most of it before I got home.
They went through all the drawers, clothes spilling everywhere, my jewelry boxes were dumped out, and our bills and files were scattered around. They took Joe's video camera, an older digital camera, Ipod, DVD's, my jewelry that my Grandma gave me...not much value, but sentimental to me! Didn't take our computers and few other things you'd think robbers would take! Weird...
They broke in through the back door with a crowbar, and they used gloves, so the cops didn't get fingerprints. Honestly, I don't care about the stuff (except the jewelry), but the fact that someone was in MY house and going through MY stuff...ugh...that disgusts me! the cops don't think they'll catch them...we are thinking it's someone in the neighborhood....not sure who, but....the cops told us to get a dog! SO hopefully our next house will allow pets!
That's the story...we didn't tell the kids, didn't want them to freak out! They know the back door was broken and that we had people over last night fixing it, but they don't know why. It's better this way. I was kind of a wreck last night, but feeling better today. It could have been much worse! I'm hearing of people who lost everything!!!! I did bring my camera and my external hard drive (with all my pictures from 2005 to today) to school with me today. Not taking any chances!
Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. This is a yucky thing to deal with. Make sure you have insurance and you know what you have! We keep discovering things that are missing. Our insurance covers the big stuff...thank goodness! And as much as it makes me sick to not have the jewelry, it's my grandmother's memories that matter most to me..not her things...and no one can take those away from me!

In happier news, Kim and family welcomed baby boy Samuel yesterday! Yay! So happy for Kim, Mike & big sister Amanda! Life is good!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!!!!!

Guess where we went today?
Kendall LOVED the wagon! I guess this is what we need to get her for Christmas! Does anyone know where to get red metal wagons like this????

Found my pumpkin!

Got one decent one of my 3 kiddos!

My little model
Love these pumpkins!

My girl and me

My boys
We went for our first trip of the year (hopefully not the last!) to the Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch, hands down the best patch around! The kids had a blast (rolling down the dusty hills!) and Joe and I played paparazzi with the camera and the video camera! Can't believe how fast my children are growing....have to remember these my babies!
Have a great weekend! I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying being home! Sending birthday greetings to Steph as today is her actual day and sending good wishes to Kim as she enjoys her last few days being pregnant! Baby boy is is scheduled to be born on Tuesday! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest Cory family member!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy birthday, Steph!

Steph had an awesome birthday/costume party over the weekend...yes, the queen of parties! Of course, it was incredible! A haunted house maze in the backyard....the kids LOVED it! Great food and drinks, fun costumes (loved the Shrek couple!) and fab entertainment. Steph sang a few songs, and one duet with a friend, while another good friend of hers played the piano. He was great! We brought the kids for the beginning, then dropped them home with Grammy so we could mingle and hang out. We stayed until after was a late night for us! But a fun one!
Here's Corbin, Spence & Jake...they look so cute!

Our family picture....not the best!

me, Steph & Steph (roomies)
Steph and Joe Kelli, me & Steph

The cake!
My honey (as a tourist) and me, as a flapper
Some of the kids
me, Erika & Steph....high school friends!

Maddie and my little Snow White

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello, all my blog readers! Enjoying fall? We had some wild weather that swept through briefly and now enjoying some cooler fall weather! So glad that Grandma is home! She was gone for 2 weeks (1 week in Arizona and 1 week in SD, babysitting her "grand-dogs" while Jenny & Justin went to New Orleans!). We have missed her! Today was her birthday, so we had Thai food for dinner here, and the boys decorated a cake for her! Happy birthday, Mom!!!!

Some pics to share...nothing too excitingthose are ffrom having fun at Aiden's birthday is either school, home, soccer, homework...normal living. Cooper did have his first field trip, to the pumpkin patch! With cousin Pana on the bus!

Tomorrow we are heading a BIG Birthday/Halloween party at Steph's! Joe is actually there right now, helping her set up the all the decorations! Can't wait!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello to all of my friends out there! Hearing about a few more of you that are my readers...somebody is reading this! :-))))

We had a great weekend! We "camped" out at Grammy & Grampy's because our house was being fumigated for spiders (again). The kids loved it! Grammy & Grampy are on the East Coast right now, enjoying the family reunion and visiting D.C. with Grammy's parents for her Dad's military ship reunion. How cool! so wishing I was there!!!! My parents are also out of town, visiting Grandpa in Arizona for his 90th birthday party! So wishing I was there, too....but even though I'm here...we had some fall fun!

We went up to Sierra Glen Apple Ranch (near Sonora) for some apple picking with our good friends, the Adrian's. (Joe and Allen have been good friends since 4th grade...and now each has 3 kids: 2 boys and a girl!)Attempting to get the 4 boys to pose together...Kendall and Peyton (8 months apart) We found out you can't actually pick your own apples there....but we did! Hee-hee! The boys had a blast, picking and eating and running through the orchards! The place was pretty, but due to a wedding, we got kicked out early, they only had apple pies for the wedding, and the hayrides were if you are going, call and see if they have a wedding planned, otherwise, don't go!

Since that ended a little early, we went over to Columbia, a little historic town. Things were closing up shop there, too, but we wandered around, the kids climbed rocks, bought candy (of course!) and just enjoyed our time. We ended with dinner at mexican restaurant, and boy, 6 kids ages 6 and about crazy times! But we had a great day and look forward to our next adventure with the Adrian's. We're thinking Monterey and the Dennis the Menace Park.

Today we relaxed, ran errands and decorated for fall and Halloween. Spencer and I picked up some Halloween crafts to do at Michaels, too. The boys are so excited for Halloween!