Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another bloggie blogger!

OK, my sister in law Michelle has finally started updating her blog... go check her out...and see the egg salad sandwich involving yours truly! Hee-hee...
sooo busy lately...working is hard work! 1st graders are hard work! Whew...
Saw this on Sally's blog, so I had to try it...

High School Questionnaire

1. Who was your best friend?Hmm,Allie was my best friend through jr. year, then she got a boyfriend and was always with him, so then I started hanging with Steph, Erika, Laura, Virginia, Julie...I had a few groups

2. Did you play any sports? Nope, wanted to try out for soccer, but had never played before.

3. What kind of car did you drive? Either mom's minivan (good for packing them in) or dad's 84 Buick skyhawk.
4. It’s Friday night. Where were you? Hmm, sleeping over at a friend's through soph year, then I was either rehearsing for a play or hanging out at Lyon's or riving around with a group of friends looking for a party. I was mostly the designated driver.

5. Were you a party animal? Not really, but ask me about college...hey, I went to UCSB after all!

6. Were you considered a flirt? No, I was voted shyest in high school. My college friends couldn't believe that.
7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir? No, almost tried out for "flags", but didn't have the coordination. I did drama
8. Were you a nerd? No, I knew lots of people, just quiet.

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled? No, only got 2 detentions in high school! I did skip drama class a few times, but we all did. We had a weird teacher. He didn't care because he knew we didn't like him.
10. Can you sing the fight song? Didn't know we had one...I can sing the cheerleader cheers....MMMER...
11. Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Tilley for advanced English. She really encouraged me. And Freitas, of course, because he was fun and teased us. Tried to TP his house one night. He knew and waited up for us with a hose....but he fell asleep and we got him!!!

12. What was your school mascot? Go Bears!!!
13. Did you go to the Prom? No, Virginia and I spent our proms together. I was asked, by a few people, but not the one I wanted to go with. Don't regret it. Virg and I had fun!

14. If you could go back, would you? No, college was soooo much better for me. High school was nothing special, though I met some great friends andmy hubby! THAT alone was worth it. :-)

15. What do you remember most about graduation? A huge class....that's it. I remember crying at school, but was not sad that night at graduation!
16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? I don't think we had one.
17. Did you have a job your senior year? Babysitting. And I volunteered at the hospital. That made me declare biology as my first major in college. Oh, that lasted about 2, not such a science person....

18. Where did you go most often for lunch? We had an open campus, so it was all about personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut and corn dogs at Weinerschnitzel. (Stole that exact line from Sally's...)
19. Have you gained weight since then? I am sure.
20. What did you do after graduation? Went to Casino Night, then moved to UCSB in Sept.

21. What year did you graduate? 1991
22. Who was your Senior Prom Date? Virg!
23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion? Nope,missed it on purpose. See all the people I want to see. We were living in LA then anyway.

Fun! OK, Michelle, post yours! :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

School and more

Spencer had his first day of school last week. He was ready! His last year in pre-school! He's the big kid now. :-) I survived two weeks in grade's getting better. However, I have some naughty of whom decided to go to the bathroom right outside the classroom! You should have seen the face of the parent who saw it and came in to tell me...but we will survive. Well, short post for now, since it is taking me forever to type this...cooper got into the computer again...and ripped off the space key and now I have to hit this tiny button to space things...can't wait for Joe to fix it...he is in Tahoe for a bachelor party this weekend...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Technical difficulties

Sorry about the technical difficulties, loyal readers....all 2 of you! Ha! :-) My new layout wasn't working, I guess the person took it off the internet, oops, I forgot to give credit, maybe that's why? Oh well, back to boring for now.
It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best words in a teacher's vocab! 2 days off! Home with my boys! No 20 kids having to go potty all at once! Not so sure the 1st grade life is for me....
The boys are taking a bike ride with Daddy. I took them for a walk, got ice cream from the ice cream truck, and now the bike ride. They have the life!
Ok, that's it for now. I haven't taken a picture in about 2 weeks! I better get snapping so I can post, right? But at least, i am baaaaack!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Week of school

Well, we're off! At least, I am. I am surviving my first week as a first grade and the kids want to go home after lunch! None of us are used to full days! Boy, they are chatty! And my lessons have to be 10 minutes or shorter or I lose their attention. I feel like McMeany teacher...isn't the old saying (for teachers) "Don't smile until Christmas"? Well, that may come true for me! My own boys are doing great. Cooper loves his new happy about that. Today, his 2nd day, he smiled when we pulled up at her house. He loves playing with the kids. Grammy has been picking him up in the afternoon so he can play with brother and cousin Jake. He loves that. Spencer is anxious for his school to start, too. 1 1/2 weeks....
Joe has been subbing this week..high school ag welding! Too funny! He is planning to go back and get his credential this year to teach high school. He wants to teach video production. He so misses that area of his life. A family of teachers! :-)
Congrats to Callahan's family (I know many of you were praying for her) on the birth of her baby brother Hudson yesterday, Happy 1 year old birthday to Amanda, Kim & Mike's daughter! And belated congrats to Joe's cousin Terin on the birth of her son, Mason, last month. Baby season!
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still here....

Yes, I am still here...just trying to juggle working fulltime with my family...not an easy feat at all, let me tell you. I am setting up my classroom, another new room, another new grade level (1st), crazy, I know....and I am tired when I get home to my very active boys who want to play, play, play with mama! Today, they had not napped when I got home at 3:15, so whew, they actually conked out for a very tiny nap (tiny b/c they need to go to bed tonight!)...and mama got a little break, so I made a mad dash to the computer for all my loyal blog readers (all 3 of you, ha!) to let you know that blogging will have to be on the back burner for awhile until I feel more under control. We have a lot going on right on and my email isn't even getting checked daily anymore...but I miss you guys! Enjoy the pictures for now...I'll try to post next week. :-) P.S. The hot chick in the bikini is my sister...:-)

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The birthday gal and the boys at Pinecrest.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still here...

OK, sorry, have been a bad blogger...we've been busy. We went up to Sacramento to celebrate cousin Panacea's 1st birthday. Then we ended the day with a trip to Old Navy and dinner at Mimi's Cafe...yum. Got some new school clothes...have you noticed that the maternity look is in??? At least at Old Navy it is...weird...
Today my mother-in-law Cindy and I took my boys up to Pinecrest for the day to visit the Gresham cousins, who were camping up there. It was a beautiful day...after we finally found them at the lake...we had a blast, the kids swimming and playing in the sand and hanging out at their campsite, eating hot dogs and s'mores. The boys were asleep in minutes when we finally left. I think Spence is ready for camping. Coop, still too little and too "2". :-) Though he did great up there! They are conked out, dirty as can be, in bed now. I will have to wash their sheets in the morning. I already took a shower and am getting ready for bed.
The camera is charging up now, so I will post pictures tomorrow.
OH, sleep update with Coop. Well, after 7 days following the supernanny and Dr. Weissbluth's advice, I realized it does not work with my child! It was not getting easier, and 2 nights I fell asleep on his floor and woke up an hour later with stiff arms...sooo, plan B. I figured out that he doesn't want a pitch black room anymore, so I started leaving his door halfway open...ta-da! It works...not like a charm yet ...but getting better. And much quicker...whew...We are actually thinking of moving the boys in together. That might help. I also think a playroom would be a good way to corral some of this toy clutter we have going on. Too many toys! Spencer's favs: Little People and trains. Coop's: Blocks and balls (and anything big brother has).
OK, off to sleep...all that fresh air made me tired.