Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost December! :-)

It's almost here..the most wonderful time of the year....lalala! So excited! Last year, Joe and I were sick on and off in December, plus stressed about moving, and broke, and so on...and this year we are determined to have a wonderful holiday! Here are some of the things we are doing:
*Already got our's up and decorated and smelling good! It's huge, too! This is the earliest we've ever gotten a tree! Yippee!
*Tomorrow starting our advent activities. Need to type up the list of activities tonight. Need some ideas? Check out this list I found: Advent Activities. I stole some of her ideas, too!
*Also, wrapping up a Christmas book for each night. The kids can unwrap one and we will read! I found a site that lists activities for several books, but don't think we'll be doing too many, after school and homework and life, time is limited....

Anyway...that's a start! Bring on the hot cocoa! Hope your holiday is great!

Thanksgiving was fun! Yummy food, family and friends! Aunt Meg with KendallCooper at his pre-school feastDaddy and Spencer leaving for the annual Brown Family Thanksgiving Day Golf trophies this year, though. But they had fun!Need to crop this still.... :-)We loved our week off together! Somewhat refreshed and back to work...3 weeks until Christmas break, but I know it will fly by. The old calendar is already filling up: Bunco tomorrow, Christmas cookie exchange, family Christmas party, Polar Express this weekend!!! Have a super week! One last bloggy blog worth mentioning: Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, hello there....

Yes, it's November...but we've been busy, busy, busy!
Updates on:
Kendall: 19 months, active, loving, loves shoes! Silly, friendly, happy! Undergoing some medical tests b/c she is so tiny, not gaining weight. BUT we are not worried...if you could see her, she does not sit still! We just had Spencer's soccer pizza party and she was dancing up a storm to AC/DC "Back in Black" and cracking up the whole restaurant! She is so cute! Cooper: fun, helpful, sweet, tough, loves video games and Legos, all boy, loves playing with balls, adores school, does his own thing, Daddy's special buddy right now, they are inseparable!

Spencer: sweet, loving, kind, smart, loves reading and math, LOVES school, eats a ton now-he's growing!, just ended his first soccer season (Go Lions!), not sure if soccer is his "thing", he realls wants to join Skimmers (swimming team).
Papa's birthday party!
Veteran's Day: we rented a 13 person van (so fun!) and travelled to Fresno to go to the zoo with the Fresno Brown's, too! Fun day, capped off with a pizza party.So many little kids now! Crazy!

Touching the sting rays!
Feeding the giraffe!
Here is some of the group! :-)

And now, it's BREAK! Yippeee! I'm ready! Just want to veg with my kids! What about you?
And because I like to share, her are some of my latest internet finds...

Interesting Blog entry about being frugal and/or broke, or just simplifying our lives to what really matters: My Daughter Won't Remember (made me think)....
Kind of local blog: Sassy Saver (if you like her, she is coming to Merced soon to teach people about the secrets of coupon clipping! Let me know, and I'll let you know the time/place)
Have I shared this? Family Rules Canvas! Love it!!!!
LOVE this blog and LOVE this post about decorating cheaply (and prettily)...anyone have any furniture they want to get rid of or sell cheaply???? (she has good friends!:-D)
Happy Reading!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Christmas Gift

I just made my first Christmas gift purchase: water for Christmas! Doesn't that sound like a good idea? Water, something we think of that is a given in this world, isn't safe or healthy for many people. This blog entry (BTW, it's a fun blog!) made me immediately go and buy this gift. What do you think?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Because Thanksgiving does matter...

I know most people are heading full force towards Christmas, but don't forget about an important holiday called are some fun links to do with your families...

Have fun!!!