Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California...and other thoughts

OK, so California is pretty wonderful...maybe not my neck of the woods..but there are many wonderful places in our golden state. And southern Cal is is one of them...and now it's a complete mess...fires are a fact of life if you live in SoCal. During our years living there, many fires were had...I remember seeing the orange sky in the evening from our townhome in Thousand Oaks when Simi was hit pretty badly a few years ago. the bad air, the ash falling from the sky, people wearing face masks if they were outdoors, no recess at school for days...That was scary enough. But it has been horrendous lately. I am in shock, a million people evacuated! The church we attended in LA, Malibu Presbyterian, is gone. I can't believe that! But they will rebuild, it is a strong church. And the fires in Irvine and San, whole neighborhoods gone. Jenny, my sis, lives in SD, but she is not in the fire zone, thank goodness! She said it has been crazy! Her work, and her husband Justin's work, has been closed all week. She lives near Qualcomm Stadium, where the evacuees are going. She and Justin are actually leaving SD tomorrow and heading up here, with dogs in tow. They were planning to come on Saturday for her friend's wedding, but now, they get to come earlier....yippeee...and I am glad she'll be out of there. Fallbrook, one of the towns I mentioned that I wanted to move to, is/was completely evacuated. Wow...and we have friends with family who live in the San Marcos, Oceanside areas, hope they are OK. Crazy...
BUT also, it was interesting when I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN, and he was at Qualcomm Stadium, showing all the donations and snacks and the pretty calm situatioin going on there...and he said it was nothing like the stadium in New Orleans after Katrina! Ha,see California rocks! We take care of our people.
Ok, so moving Joe and I went on a field trip with Spence's pre-school to the pumpkin patch. Can't believe next year he will be going to the patch with his kinder was so weird, the other day, we were watching some video of Spencer when he was Cooper's age and he sounded just like Cooper! He was all pudgy. I got so choked up watching that. They grow up so fast. I can't even remember when he was that small. Now he's a big boy, writing and remembering all kinds of things and using his big vocabulary and only wanting to use grown-up plates and silverware and cups. "I'm a grown-up now!" he declares. not yet, my sweet boy...not mamas, hug your babies tighter because they won't be babies much longer....and go videotape!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Because you are so patient...

Here's Spencer at the Pumpkin Patch. We went for a birthday party over the weekend...what a great place for a party! We did the corn maze,painted pumpkins, ate snacks, pinata, the whole thing...

Here's Cooper with cute!

Spencer playing with my Little People...they don't make them the way they used to! And feeding the goats at the zoo!

Cooper after "finding" my lipstick in my purse and painting himself...the 2nd time in a'd think I'd learn to put my purse somewhere else!

So enjoy my cuties!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Still here...doing fine...updates: 16 weeks now, feeling OK, just have this weird food thing going on...don't have much appetite for anything, nothing sounds good. I can't look at any raw food or even think about lunch/dinner before 10 AM or I want to throw up. Weird...and tomorrow night is bring your favorite 30 meal dinner and recipe to MOPS...don't know what to bring!!!!Starting to show, that's fun. I need some new maternity, though...and a Bella Band! Can't wait to get that so I can wear my regular pants. Poor 3rd kid...I haven't even bought a pregnancy book or anything, though I do get the weekly emails from I guess that is good!
Took a mental health day today. Hung out with the kiddos, went to the zoo, had a date with Spence at Barnes & Noble, ate chicken dinner that Joe cooked. Watched Private Practice...starting to weed out the shows so I can only have a few shows, so little Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother...Private Practice is growing on me. Gossip Girl, over...wanted to like Pushing Daisies (love the characters, especially the actress who plays Chuck, she's great), but I had a hard time sitting still for it. Still watching The Hills on MTV, it's my guilty pleasure. I think I like seeing the locales mostly....missing LA.
OK, should be in bed. I know you are waiting for pictures...have to charge the camera, but I have taken some!!!! POST tomorrow...I'll try! Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's the weekend...

...loving it! Wearing my pj's's 4:33. :) gotta go to the market and get something for dinner. We have been slacking off in the dinner department. It's been do it yourself night all week. Chicken nuggets, baked potatoes and chili, frozen pizza...of course, we were exhausted. Coop did not sleep very well all week, being so sick. Joe took him to the doctor's on Thursday and she had to run blood tests b/c she didn't know what was wrong. High fever, coughs,lethargic....came out he had just a virus, should be getting better soon. His fever is gone, but he is still lethargic and cries...a lot...he doesn't know what he wants, and apparently, we don't either! HOPEFULLY, wild Coop will be back soon.
By the way, if someone is selling an American standard terrier, it's just a nice way of saying pit bull! no offense to you pit bull lovers out there, but that is not the dog we envision our family having, not with 2 kids and a third on the way! We are dog hunting, not quite sure why, but we are. No luck yet...we passed on the American terrier!
Better go get my shower while Coop is still napping. I don't want to go to the store....waaaah....but we are out of milk, and bread, and dinner food. Am I a bad mommy?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


OK, gone too long...had some of my loyal readers asking me to blog again (thanks Patti and Sally!). So,without further ado...

I am now 14 weeks along, feeling fine. Yes, we will be finding out what we are having when the time comes. Probably at least another 5 weeks. Honestly, we just want a healthy baby! I would love a girl, something different, but adore my boys, so another boy would be fine! At least I know what to expect. The heart beat has been fast,and an old wives tale is fasy heartbeat is a girl. My boys heartbeats weren't that fast, so we shall see! :-)

Joe and I went to LA over the weekend to Charlotte's wedding. What a blast! Char is a college roomie and lots of fun! Realized how much I miss my college gals. We are having our first annual girls weekend next September in Santa Barbara. Can't wait. :-) Enough of just getting together for showers and weddings. The picture is of Robin, Char: the bride, Ashley, me, and Kim. The wedding reception was at the Beverly Hilton, on the top floor. Amazing views, amazing food (lobster bisque to die for!), super music (awesome band), dancing...the whole works. Char was a beautiful, happy bride. The groom Jeff and his brother even did a "dance off" on the dance floor. Too funny! The next day Joe and I met up with Chip and Vicki for lunch at Jerry's Deli, a total must go to in LA. We drove around LA a little..we were riding in style, thanks to Charlie lending us his BMW convertible for the weekend. There was no way we were showing up at the Hilton in our cars from the 90's...heehee, at least we have no payments...though I am ready to upgrade!
I am posting a pic of one of Joe's places he lived in LA, the Sunset place, on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and LaCienaga. Very dangerous, since it is in the heart of all the action. Going out is a must. Let's just say he only lived there 6 months before he had to move out...his choice, but a must...many fun memories are in that place!

In other news,poor baby Coop is sick. Has been since Sunday...I stayed home with him on Monday and Joe on Tuesday, but he's still lethargic and warm, with a nasty cough. He's laying across my lap as I type, so excuse any missed spaces and whatnot. I better go tend to my sugar. Just wanted to update! Spencer with friends Cameron and cousin Jake, coop with Daddy.