Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter Egg time... here, yes, a little early...but we spent yesterday evening dyeing eggs at Grammy & Grampy's with the cousins. Cooper didn't really care, he'd rather play on the jungle gym. Spencer enjoyed it, though. My boys are having a great weekend, though we are missing Daddy, who went to the mountains with his friends to make movies. We had a pirate birthday party this morning. Lots of kids, food, and fun. Spence had a blast in the bounce house with Matthew and Aiden, and playing on the outdoor toys. Then the 3 of us napped, and hit McDonald's for dinner. We even ate there, something we rarely do. After that, playing outside and ice cream from the ice cream truck. I would say that is a dream day for most kids! :-) tomorrow is the Easter Egg hunt at Grammy's. Grampy will be gone for Easter, so we are doing it a week early.

One more week until Spring break....can't wait! I am bummed we aren't going to Arizona now, but it'll be a nice time to relax. already have 1 playdate set up. This week i will be at the pre-school two days. Lucky me! :-)

Better go check on my spencer, who is staying up pretty late! Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


How is March going for you??? We've been busy, trying to think about backyard plans. starting spring cleaning, too. Joe took off all the screens and cleaned the screens and windows last weekend...good boy! We went and walked around Home Depot looking for plants and bushes and tile. CANNOT wait to tile the kitchen and family room. Never put carpet in a room that is attached to the kitchen, or maybe just don't choose "sand" as your color for carpet...what was I thinking, boys and all????

Been trying to play with my Photoshop Elements program. I am going to take an online class soon, so excited. I am just itchin' to play with my pics. I did some playing today and I'll try to attach a pic of one thing I did. (Edited: cannot upload, error, Jenny help!!!) I am trying to brush up on my photography skills. One cool trick, take a picture of your subject facing the light garage door, instant brightening! My boys almost glow...I haven't gottan a good pic of them doing that, but you can see the glow. I posted the pics of the "glowing" Coop. Need to find the glowing Spencer pic....

Ok, better go, planning to mop the floor while the kiddos nap.

I know the book link didn't work...don't know why, so go to Amazon and type in "The Book of New Family Traditions"'s so awesome, highly recommended....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

outdoor love...

We are so loving the outdoor life right's in the 70's...had to post these pics of my men, along with Jake, their favorite cousin. cooper is doing his "cheese" grin....he is learning to pose for the camera!

Ok, gotta recommend this love it! It's all about making family traditions and rituals, I devoured it in one afternoon, making notes the whole time. Can't wait to start some new rituals in our family...Spencer's "Star" birthday is coming up! Go get it! I found it on ebay, too. :-)

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

the buzz on Spence

OK, this post is dedicated to Spencer,

* loves, obsessed with trains and The Polar Express...he plays that "game" all day long...I said I could throw away all of his other toys because he plays exclusively with trains...he loves making the trains have problems, "Oh, no, the ice is cracking" (a la Polar Express)...too cute! Grandma, you better get him the Polar Express train set for his birthday

*whenever he makes a wish, he always wishes for a dog...maybe I see a dog in his future???

Good thing he can't read this blog yet!

*is so exuberant about life! Wakes up happy, happy to see us, happy about life!

*loves music...especially Laurie Berkner, Jack Johnson, Depeche Mode, Kids Songs CD set...he goes to sleep at night listening to his CDs...moms, I highly recommend this, he hardly ever gets out of bed now at night b/c he has his CDs! Love it!

Have a great week!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

all about Coop

I am dedicating this post to my little Superman: Coop,Cooperman, Coopy, Coopers, Coops, C-man...

*he is growing!!!! Went to doctor's today for his 18 month appt...never mind the fact that he is almost 21 months...had some dr. drama for a while....BUT he is 32 inches...the 45th percentile! Huge was very excited! He is only 22 pounds, almost off the scale, 5th percentile, I he is my skinny mom says I was the same way.

*She was also impressed at how well he understands things and follows directions...that's my boy!

*He's been lovin' our 70+ degree weather...his skinny legs look so cute in shorts on our walks. Today we ate ice cream cones outside in the sun. Yum.

*loves steak...he ate dinner with Joe and I tonight...bbq'ed steak, bruschetta, and pasta roni...he ate a lot

*Life is good.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Happy Birthday to Jake and Kyle! We went to cousin Jake's party last night...he's 4! He got a skateboard for his birthday. He was very excited! Today we went to Kyle's party...he's 1! His party was the gymnastics center where Spence used to take "nastics", as he called it. The kids had a blast! They were running all over the place. Both of my boys conked out once we got home. Even Daddy got in on the action...he was on the rings doing flips and on the trampoline. Kyle's Daddy is his good friend, so they had fun. Have a great week!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

taking a walk...

Here are some neat pictures of my three men...some are sort of blurry, but I am kind of getting into blurry me, it captures my boys, as they are always on the move and only still when they are asleep...luckily, they are both good sleepers...(thanks, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, sleep expert, whose book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child I recommend).
have a great weekend...happy early birthday to Jake, who will be 4 tomorrow...and happy belated birthday to, I DID NOT forget....I didn't get the card out, so sorry, friend, since you are always so good at that....miss you!!!! HOPE your day was great!!!!