Sunday, February 27, 2011


So this week we had no school...and since our plans got squashed at the last minute, I had lots of free time. I read a ton and cooked a ton. My closest friends will probably laugh, but I have found that I ENJOY cooking! Once you find the right yummy recipes, it is a lot of fun! I love having people try my stuff. Today I am making my own homemade pizza dough (a la Pioneer Woman). It's rising on the kitchen counter as I type.
I also had a lot of time to think...think about life (especially when you read a lot, and see how other people spend their days...fictional, but still...I also blog surfed, too!) I realized that while my life is a good one, I haven't been living intentionally, just living. I first started thinking about this when I read Organized Simplicity last November, and it's been in the back of mind ever since. We live, work, hang out as a family, I nag the kids to help me clean, we read together, play together, spend a lot of time together...but I need to start using my time wisely. I know that someday boys and my girl will be young adults. It's time I really started thinking about that and weird to say, but I need to start getting them ready for the real world.

This post on the great site How Does She? got me motivated. I typed up my boys morning schedules (baby steps here) and we're starting that tomorrow. Then, I'll add the afternoon/evening schedules. I don't want to be too scheduled, I like my kids having free time-time to think, draw, play, be bored...the same reason I don't overschedule my kids. They get one extracurricular activity. Cooper is doing basketball and then, perhaps karate. Spencer starts water polo in 2 weeks and has only been doing the afterschool class of rockets and drama at school. I listened to a friend the other day rattle off her daughters' schedules: ballet, girl scouts (she leads 2 groups, too!), cheerleading, piano...and the girls are only 8 and 5. Whew. I got hives thinking about that. I know some parents love that, but not me. Having dinner as a family is more important to me. I'm also going to try the chores list again-I've tried quite a few, but found one here that I think will

So anyway, back to intentional living: I want to use my time a working mom, a big chunk of time is teaching. I started keeping weekly goals for myself in January (thanks to this great idea), but that fizzled out. I am moving that whiteboard to the kitchen, so I can see it everyday. I hardly watch TV, but will cut out more. Family meetings will be starting soon-I'll share how I decide to do it. I just want to make the most of the time with my family as I can. Sometimes I find us all in different room, me blog surfing or reading, the kids in the playroom or watching TV, and Joe working or listening to a podcast. That's fine-we all need a break sometimes, but I want to make sure it doesn't happen too often.

I don't know if this rambling post made any sense to you, but I thought I'd share for my few blog readers, so I can keep myself on track. Isn't making your goals known the first step? How about you?
P.s. My new camera is on its way! Canon Rebel DSLR...cannot wait!!!!!!! So anxious to start taking pictures again. My little point and shoot just doesn't cut it for me, though it's handy in my purse at all times!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make this. Tonight.

Oh so yummy: Garlic Chicken Farfalle. Made this and can I say yum yum yum! Think it will be a weekly meal. Spencer had 3 helpings! Just had to share! :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We have decided to spend our Valentine's Days as a least while our kids are young! Joe and I typically have our date a few days before and then do something as a family. This year, we had heart shaped pizza on our china! Yes, get it out more than once a year! (Anyone think wedding china is worth it? I wish now I had registered for something else!) The kids loved it! Then, we played games-a Cupid Game I found online, and then the Kinect for XBox, which was a surprise for the kiddos from Daddy. It's a lot of fun because the whole family can play along. It was a fun day!

We are supposed to be in Arizona right now....but thanks to my lovely car needing lots of work and our mechanic saying we shouldn't take it out of town...we are home. But we've spent a lot of time hanging as a family, going to Barnes and Noble,'s good to be home. The good news is that I think we are going to get ME a new car!'s been fun researching our options. I will keep you posted. Still leaning towards mini-vans...yes, I AM that mom!
Cooper got his first basket at Upwards Basketball last Saturday!

He is loving basketball and we are loving the Upwards program! Wish they had Upwards soccer...we are having a great experience. Our coaches rock, no one really keeps score, and the main goal is get all the kids to get a basket! The coaches help out both sides. Love it!!!
Haven't been crafty lately...but here's some of my latest bookmarks for your perusal.

Rules for Your it!

IF you love handprint art as much as me!

Anthropologie Style Necklace (made by the cutest mama ever!) (I am SO making this!!!)

Reading with your kids (Reading with the whole family...we are so into this. Spencer and I just finished the first Boxcar Children of my fav series as a kid!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where have I been????

Let's weekend in SF with my hubby and friends (Daniel Tosh rocks! See him if you can!)

And then THE FLU. Yes, after almost $500 in co-pays and meds...I have learned my lesson. Get a flu SHOT. Every year. On Time. Oh well. We anyways....that's where I have been. And if you know anything about sick families, I am STILL cleaning up the laundry backlog, chores, and everything else. Plus, Valentine's Day! The kids all had parties. Joe and I went out pre-Valentine's Day for a date, and then spent last night as a family: heart shaped pizza on our fine china, games, and a movie! It was the perfect family Valentine's Day!
So, I am behind in my organizing...but luckily, I already had a home management binder
and a recipe binder! Who--hoo! Now to get back on track with meal planning....
Hope your Feb. is going great! I plan to be back more often! Promise! Pinky swear! See you soon! Here's some cute shots of the kiddos