Saturday, November 10, 2012

FaLl UpdAtE

So, what's going on the kiddo world?
Spencer: age 9, in 4th grade (my class!) and our school's Vice President. He is a reader-reads ALL the time. He just finished The Hunger Games trilogy, which he loved, and which Joe and I had already read so we could discuss with him. Truthfully, not all 4th graders are ready for that series, but he was. He finished another season of water polo-which he loves and hates. He moved up to a harder level, and there were a few teenagers in his group. He did great, but he's very motivated to try to be a faster swimmer. He might try our local swimming club for a few months to practice that. He is doing wonderfully in school-and I'm not just saying that because I am his teacher. Out of 4 students in my class with straight A's, he was one of them. He deserved it!

Cooper: age 7, in 2nd grade. He adores school and his teacher (my master teacher when I student taught!), and he is acing all of his math tests. Math is his subject for sure, and he is practicing his multiplication tables at home (because he wants to). He loves music, and I think we may sign him up for piano. He wants to do water polo come spring time, too. And tennis. He loves animals, and he has a slight obsession with pandas. Got an outstanding report card, as well. We are so proud of the independent, strong, self motivated boy he is becoming.

Kendall: age 4, in preschool. She is a joy in our family-always smiling, laughing, giggling! She is a little boss to her brothers. She calls them "the brothers". "Where are the brothers? Are the brothers coming, too?" She adores her dolls, and carries them everywhere. She says that she can read-loves books like her brothers-but she is really a whiz with numbers, too. She likes to be the center of attention, something this introverted mama doesn't quite understand. She loves ALL dogs and can't walk by one without chasing after the owner, begging to pet the dog.

Joe and I feel so blessed to have such lively, fun to be around, healthy children. We actually enjoy spending time with our children. Both of us have deliberately chosen to spend much of our time with them-we don't have any outside hobbies that take us away at this point. They grow fast. Too fast. We want to appreciate this time.

Don't get me wrong, we enjoy our time without them, too-I try not to miss my monthly bunco group and just spent a weekend with my mom and sisters in San Francisco, and Joe is planning a Vegas trip with some close friends. We also look for any concerts coming near us to go see with some good friends. The last one was Foster the People in Berkeley. We are overdue for our next one! It is important to have that recharge time.
So, that's us in a nutshell now. And I look forward to sharing some cute ideas I am trying with the family soon.

What's up with my blog?

Wow, hello blog. How are you? I have thought about you a lot over the last few months. What are we doing? Where are we going? It seems to be only the stopping place for writing about the books I am reading...which is fine....BUT I started this blog for me, for my family, for a glimpse into my world. I admit, I look at some of the mom/crafts/home dec/teaching blogs and sometimes wonder if I could do that, too.

The truth is no. i don't want to. I don't get on the computer very much. I check my email and pinterest on my iphone. And that's fine. Besides, when you are a working mama of 3 busy kids, you don't want to be on the computer all the time. I am hanging with my kids, helping with homework, reading with them, and oh, yeah, cleaning...
So, I will try to update more often...mostly about my kids (that's why I started blogging) and with some ideas I like and books I like...if no one reads my blog, that's fine, too. So, hello, blog, I will try to visit you more often.