Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's a picture...Kendall at 3 weeks! I am taking a picture each week on her week "birthday" with the Strawberry shortcake doll. She looks so cute! Her dress, by the way, is her coming home from the hospital dress.

Got out today by myself...had my hair done! Yay! The longest I've been away from Baby K! She and Cooper did did great at Grammy's house! Thanks, Cindy!!! :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008


...is number one for me...have to get this new book...The Creative Family...because I want to nurture that in my little family. Both boys are so creative already...Spencer in his imagination and stories...Cooper in music and visually...he lines things up all the time and has to dance whenever he hears music. He heard the song "Life Is a Highway" in the car the other day and got real still. Then he said, "Cars, mama! Cars!" He knew that song was from the movie Cars. That's just how Spence is. For a long time he has been able to recognize any song that was in any movie he'd seen...even if he only saw it once. So...anyway...gotta get that book!

Also, since talking family here, I wanted to share something we do each night...the idea from the Ramirez family...thank you, Rich and Stef! It's called Highs and Lows. Each night Spencer shares a "high" from the day (today's: playing at Grammy & Grampy's with his cousins and having pizza) and a "low" (today's: leaving Grammy and Grampy's was hard). We talk about it, and he often asks us about our highs and lows. It has been a nice way to wind down the evening. Now Cooper is starting to add his thoughts, too. We do it after books, with the lights out, Daddy laying on the top bunk with Spencer and Mommy with Cooper on the bottom bunk.

Anyway...I know some of my readers have small children and wanted to share this small ritual that is very meaningful to us. I am all about learning rituals and making things warm and comfy at home for my family. Now that Kendall is **3 weeks old**, I need to get up and running as a mom of 3 and get us all back on track and schedule. Next up...meal planning...going to have designated nights for meals: Mondays is Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, etc), Tuesdays is pasta, etc., etc..so it will help cut out the guesswork of "What's for dinner?", the dreaded phrase of a tired mama! :-)
Now off to bed...
(NO pictures...sorry...signed onto Joe's account on the computer...)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rocket power

We shot off the rockets yesterday...not at the college (it was the Cancer Walk)...and everyone had a great time. the large rocket only made one launch and disappeared into someone's backyard! The small rocket made several launches...I sense that my boys are going to continue this hobby!

had to include Miss Kendall, too...she was there, just asleep in her sling!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

GREAT blog!

OK, if you have babies or small kiddos...check out this blog:

Just stumbled onto it and it's great! Happy reading!


...did you get your tax return??? Also, did you hear the tax rebates are coming out earlier than expected? They should start showing up in people's bank accounts this Monday! Oh man, I am so tempted to get my camera I want so badly...but I know we'll use the money for boring things like paying off bills or out into savings....smart things to do...but boring...is anyone shopping out there???

We're doing good here! Spencer went to pre-school 4 out of 5 days this week...and we made it to the pre-school playdate at the park. I put Kendall in the peanut sling and she just slept! She is having tummy issues, though. She throws up whenever I have dairy, so dairy has to go...I called the doctor last night because she threw up a lot, so we had to give her pedialyte. Her first bottle! She took it like a champ. We are using the Born Free bottles...actually the BPA free plastic ones right now, though I do want to pick up some glass ones. So today she is having more pedialyte. Right now she is sleeping in her swing, swaddled in her Maddieline blanket. Victoria took some pictures of her in some of the blankets to use for their advertising...so Kendall is going to be a baby model! :-)

Today we off to the college fields to shoot off some rockets! The boys are so excited! It's warm today, too. It has been too windy to shoot them off this week, but finally the wind has settled down. What are your weekend plans???

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

300th post!

Wow, 300 posts later..here I am! One of these days I need to make my blog book...

Well, we are doing fine...I survived

Joe being gone 2 days...he went to a seminar in San Jose. But I will be glad when he is back tonight! Spencer is at Jake's, Cooper and Kendall napping...I got in a quick nap today, too!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to. Joe and the boys put together 2 rockets from a kit, and now the boys are just waiting to launch! Kendall is now 2 weeks old, and doing great! She was 8lbs at her doctor's appointment yesterday and already 20.5 inches long! The pictures above are her on her 2 week "birthday" and wearing my favorite outfit...the cutest little dress and sweater set from Diane...and it's not even pink! It's white and purple! Cooper is videotaping Kendall's first bath a few days ago. He is doing great! I was worried about him handling a new sister. He is doing fine, just being Cooper, stubborn, mischievous, and lovable! His favorite movie right now is "Cars". Spencer is doing fine, too, though he has had more trouble adjusting. He is a good listener, but not right now. Part of the problem is that he wasn't going to school every day, he was off his routine. So mama is getting her act together and getting him to school more. Luckily, I have Aunt Chelle to share carpool duties. Thanks, Michelle!!

Ok, better go do some chores while I have some peace and quiet. Have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2008


...here are some of the latest pics! We had a nice time yesterday at Steph's house...Kendall got to meet lots of my friends! It was so good to see you all...Kim and Ashley and Virginia and Laura and Vicki (and the adorable Lily, pictured above, and Ezekiel)...and so great that Aunt Megan got to see her new niece!! :-) Thanks, Steph and Janet!!

Kendall is doing great, though she has been a little fussier lately...I think she has some tummy issues. The Mylicon drops, which worked wonderfully for my boys, aren't working for her. She's happiest in someone's arms. Sweet baby girl!

Today Spencer has kindergarten round up! Can't believe it! Where does time go???

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're fine!

We're here, doing fine...enjoying life as family of 5...still making adjustments...little Miss Kendall is spoiled! But hey, you can't really spoil a newborn, right? She loves being held...and we, of course, love holding her! She still sleeps with me, too. Ahh....sweet baby love!
enjoying my time off of work. It's weird, I keep thinking it is vacation, but really, school is in session. To be honest, I don't really miss it! I think I could happily be a stay-at-home mom! Oh well, I'll enjoy this while it lasts! :-)
Been venturing out with the kids...not to the store yet, but to school. Kendall has been to Spencer's pre-school a few times now. The kids adore her! Today I took Jake home from school, too, since Spencer and Jake have been missing each other a lot. I used to drop off Spence 3X a week in the morning, and Aunt Chelle would take them to school. They both keep asking when they are going to start doing that again. So today I took all *4* to 7-11 to get slurpees...a favorite treat...they were good, but boy did I get some looks...3 boys and a tiny little girl in pink! Now the boys are playing trains.

OK, this one is for you readers out there...the Paperback Swap club (see link on the right side) is a cool thing...basically you list 10 books you wouldn't mind getting rid of and then you get 2 "credits" to order 2 books that you would want from the list of available books. Then every time a member requests a book from your list, you get a credit for another book. The club is free, but you pay the shipping costs to mail the books. Books can be sent "media mail", so it's pretty cheap. About $2-$2.50 a book to send that way. The club also has audio books and hardcovers. I've gotten a few books from my amazon wish list this way. If you are interested, let me know and I'll send you an email and I get a "free" credit for referring you! Maddie and Michelle signed up and are already getting their books. Anyway, just wanted to share...I've gotten so bad at reading my books since I can't really afford to keep buying new books all the time, and it's pretty hard to get over to the library now...so this way I am reading more! I've read 3 books since I went on maternity leave...good for me!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 14, 2008

More photos

Here's some before Kendall..(Don't know why they are sideways...they come up straight on my photo viewer, but sideways here..oh well, just crank your neck for a minute!!!LOL!)...pics my sister took of me with my boys and my belly! Of course, I had to take some with my van that I love!!! The barn locale was pretty cool, it's just around the corner from our house actually. It was so windy that day, and it sounded like it was going to fall any minute. The boys did not want to go inside the barn at all!

Have a great week! :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Week Old!

OK, OK, I know I need to stop...but I looove posting pics of my girl...here's a few recent ones, including ones showing her in something other than PINK! :-) She's doing great! Staying awake longer, being loved on by her big brothers (Cooper calls her Kennel), loves her Papasan chair and her baba (pacifier). We are having so much fun with her!

The boys, meanwhile, are doing great, too! Both of them are so careful with her. We are trying to give them special time, too. Spencer spent the afternoon at Grandma's house yesterday, making cupcakes and playing. He and I are going on a date to Starbucks for hot chocolate tonight. He's with Daddy right now. Yesterday Daddy spent time alone with Cooper. HE seems awfully big to me now! It's so strange how your babies grow up so fast when someone new enters the family.

Not much else to report, it's been home and family lately...excited for the shows to start coming back. 30 Rock was pretty funny last week. I've gotten into that show lately. What shows are you into?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

time flies...

...waaaay too fast! Can't believe it has almost been a week since I went to the hospital! I am so enjoying every moment, and since Kendall is my last baby, treasuring these times, even the middle of the night feedings...She is such a good baby, too! Last night we went to bed around 8:30, me in my bed with my *3* kids! (Joe had to go run errands: diapers, wipes, toothpaste, all that fun stuff!) The boys get to go to sleep in our bed with a movie on the weekend. So we 4 settled in with Ice Age 2. I fed Kendall between 9-9:30, we all fell asleep, and she didn't wake me until 1:30! Then she ate, fell right asleep, and didn't wake until 5:30! Then she ate, went to sleep, and we got up around 8 when the boys came in our room. I feel like I got some good sleep! :-) Thanks, Kendall!

We have been so spoiled by friends bringing us yummy meals, too! THANK YOU! It is so nice not having to worry about dinner!

So we are managing as a family of 5! And enjoying all the pink!
The picture above is of Kendall with Victoria, creator of the Maddieline swaddling blankets. We LOVE our blanket...it is the perfect size, and so soft, and so cute! Check out her link on the blog links.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

thanks, maddie!

because i know she reads this and she is pretty awesome...she totally cleaned and straightened up the boys' room yesterday!!! She knew I was having a rough day...my first home alone with *3* kids...gulp...so anyway, girl, THANKS Maddie for being you!!! :-)

For your viewing pleasure...

Welcome new blog readers (and my old readers!)...here's the latest!

Kendall is adjusting to life at home, and doing very well, I might add. She's a good sleeper. She loves to be swaddled and held, but does not like diaper changes or being undressed! She's already gained 3 oz. since being born! My little eater! She had a good night last night. Her brothers continue to adore her! As do we!

enjoy the pictures! can't type too much...holding the cutie right now!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm baaack!

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by to check on Kendall! She's doing great! As Joe wrote 2 days ago, she was born on Sunday, April 6 at 5:55 AM. She was actually born with the cord around her neck..scary! But she is fine now! She is so sweet and loves to be cuddled. She likes to eat, and we had to give her a pacifier yesterday because she loves to suck!

We came home yesterday since we both were recovering fine. I think we slept better at home, though we had a good hospital stay. Our hospital is great! We had a party on Sunday afternoon, 15 people in our room (The Browns and the Greshams!). The boys were so excited to see their new sister. Cooper kept saying, "Baby from Mommy's tummy!" Then Joe's grandparents, Nana and Grandpa came by for a nice visit, too. Kendall slept through her parties!

We survived our first night home. The boys are doing fine, though they are bit wound up. Cooper went to his sitter's today to play with his friends. Spencer has not gone back to school yet. Tomorrow. Kendall was awake and a little fussy at the beginning of the night, but I finally caved in, swaddled her tight, and cuddled her next to me in bed. She slept fine! I really would rather her sleep in the bassinet or pack n play right now, but last night we just needed sleep!

I apologize for not calling some of you from the hospital. I was packed for weeks before we left, but forgot to bring my phone cord. By Sunday afternoon, my phone was almost dead, and I really needed to conserve the batteries so my boys could reach me if they needed me! Daddy went home and had a slumber party that night instead of staying with me. We thought the boys would enjoy having some time with Daddy before the new sister came home and our world was changed...for the better! We are thrilled to have Kendall join our family! The Brown Five! :-)
Pictures: Kendall in crib, Spencer and Kendall at home, Cindy & Charlie (grandparents), Nana & Grandpa (great-grandparents), Daddy and his girl...Mom, I didn't get a good one of you with her on my camera, hopefully Michelle did, or we'll just take a new good one! :-) (You and Dad!)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Little Kendall

Here is a quick sneak of what Amy will be covering when she is home from the hostible (<-Spencerism). Kendall Marie Brown - DOB 04/06/08 - 7lb 6oz- 19 1/4 in.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Is today the day?

Having contractions...started last night, thought last night would be the night, but no luck! The boys went for a long bike ride with the Greshams and then we all went out for pizza. The cousins adore being together! But as soon as we got home, the contractions slowed down. Keep sending me the labor vibes!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

3 days late...

Pictures are Spencer on his *new* bike, and Spencer and Jake at pre-school. Still here...worked at the pre-school today (spencer attends a co-op pre-school, which means the parents are required to work weekly. We help facilitate circle time and plan 2 days of lessons each semester, plus additional jobs: mailbox, garden, plan parties, special themes, etc. It can be a lot of work, but so much fun! I have worked the last 3 days in a row and loved it since I rarely get to go this year. Joe is the weekly worker. He loves it, too! There are two teachers, who are both wonderful! It has been a great experience!)

Anyway, worked at the pre-school, danced and jumped during music, and then went to the park for the Friday pre-school playdate. If you know my cooper, you know I wasn't able to just sit with the other mamas and chat, I was chasing my cooper around a bit. He adores playing with the kids, but also climbing, climbing, and more climbing. But....needless to say, none of that activity has brought on contractions or my water breaking....Baby K is stubborn!!!! Keep sending those labor vibes! :-)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

2 days late...

...and still here...man, this waiting is hard! Worked at Spencer's pre-school again today, went to a birthday party...so keeping busy. I told a friend I would work for her tomorrow at the pre-school again...as long as I haven't gone into labor...kinda hoping I will be! Please send me some labor vibes....:-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


No baby yet...just a quick update.

Everyone at Spencer's pre-school said it looked like I have "dropped", but I guess we'll see. Leaving you with a pic of me and the boys yesterday. :-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Due date

...is here,but baby is not! augh!!! No news to report. she is officially going to be late...just like a Brown, I guess! Now she needs to wait a day or two, I am working at Spencer's pre-school tomorrow and picking up the boys pictures they took a few weeks ago on Thursday.
A few of you have told me that you were thinking of starting a blog...it's super easy here on blogspot. It's so easy to add pictures, too, you don't even need to resize. Plus this site is free. Of course, you can add pretty banners on top...see Sally's site for some awesome examples. I haven't figured out how to do it, but also haven't spent a lot of time trying. so give it a try! It's fun!
I'll keep you posted!