Monday, June 30, 2008

He's baaaack!

(FIRST...hope you enjoy the music I have added to my blog!)
Well, he didn't get home until today...around 11:30...Joe and I were so anxious, waiting by the door for him! The plane was delayed last night, so instead of trudging through the airport with a 5 year old at midnight, my mom opted to stay another night in SD. Good decision, though we were all disappointed...everyone but Aunt Jenny, right? :-) Cute pic of them at Ocean Beach, "our beach"...we always go there! Thanks again Mom, for a great present for Spencer! It's a trip he'll always treasure! Now the trick is to remind him he doesn't get everything his way now that he is home! He certainly was *spoiled* in SD!
But he's here...gosh, you'd think he'd been gone so long...not just 5 days...but hey, he's my baby! It's the longest we'd been apart. And for just being a family of 5 for not even 3 months (it'll be 3 months this Sunday!), it really felt weird with only 4. Wow, we just all got used to being the 5 of us, and of having a little princess!
This pic is for Grammy and Riley!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


...he comes home!!! We have missed him so! Even Cooper said a few times he wants "bruddy (his name for Spence) come home now!" He called Spence this morning and told him he missed him. Spencer asked if Cooper could stay up until he got home (he'll get home around 10). Aww....the joys of siblings (c'mon, Vicki, Lily needs one!:-))
I am reading a VERY interesting book right now. It's The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman. It's so interesting what he says about birth order, and for most part, he's right on. He even talks about birth order in marriages (apparently only and last borns make the best match) and in parenting. I see some of the tendencies in my kids already (Spence can sometimes be a perfectionist, Cooper is the middle paradox: may be outgoing or a loner, etc. He's more of the loner). I recommend reading it for an interesting read. Even learning some stuff about me!

Friday, June 27, 2008


This one is at Sea World as I write... (ready for his trip!)

this one is on Grampy's boat at the lake...

this one is asleep for the night...

and here is some of what I have been working on (to the detriment of household chores...don't stop by unexpectedly, please!)

*My Category Drawers (idea from Stacy Julian, for you scrappers out there). Love them! Don't mind the crayons marks on the Cooper's signature...

*Some layouts...horrible pic, I know. Too lazy to get out the scanner! so I take pictures of the layouts. This is the 2nd page of a 2 page layout (pg. 1 picture didn't come out)

This one just needs the journaling typed and added to the bottom. colors look bad here, it's a very pretty polka dot paper.This one is also pg. 2 of another 2 page layout and the first page picture didn't come out. Needs a white flower or something to spice it up still.Love this one (kind of a scraplift). The colors are so sweet, but waaay too washed out here. (Think I'll take another picture in better lighting). The journaling card (tucked under Spencer's pic) describes how Spence couldn't wait for Baby K to come home! Her album is underneath (the pink American Crafts binder album). Love them because you can easily move the pages around. Waiting for a red one to be delivered for Spencer's school album (ordered it before my "no shopping" policy...swear!) Cute store: )

Thanks for looking! I am not a artistic scrapper like the cool ones published (i.e. Laura!), but I like my pages because they tell MY story!

Emily: Thanks for the scrapping stuff! :-) I appreciate you thinking of me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sorry no pictures to share

...downloaded ALL pictures to the external because the laptop is humming a lot lately...hoping it still has some more life left in's 3 years old!

Anyway, still missing my guy...who enjoyed a Padres game, trolley ride, and lunch in Old Town San Diego...he's having a blast! And he's not missing us very much yet, i don't think!

My "No shopping plan" (until August)...working out OK. Only necessities purchased this week: gas, McDonald's for lunch today (kind of a thank you for Maddie being my mother's helper all day, thanks, girl!), birthday gift for Jenny, postage for mailing a book for ...that's all! Really wanting a new book and some bows for Kendall, but can wait...hopefully...

Traditions...something I am working on refining for our this book:

And here are a few we have already: Highs & Lows at bedtime, Pictures of birthday person displayed on front table, Family bed on the weekend (boys go to sleep in our bed), Movie Night (first one was Wizard of Oz, the boys loved it!), dates with the boys periodically, pictures of Spencer by front door for first day of school and last day of school, birthday letters written by me for my kids every year collected in a "birthday box", Christmas traditions (too many to name right now).

Here are some new ones I want to start:

*"Fishing" for school supplies before school starts (tradition in Joe's family!)

*Do the boys' dates on their birthday number: Spencer's date with one of us always on the 4th of the month, etc.

*Family Game Night

*Circle Family Hug every morning before school, work, etc.

*Letters from the kids' teachers at the end of every school year

*Pizza Night with another family the same night each month

*Sunday Kid's choice: kids choose dinner and rules (Legos decorate table, eat only with a spoon, have dessert first) and kids do the clean up (of course, we'll need to help if they're little)

What about you? I'd love to hear some of the traditions you have with your family! Here are some other books about family traditions I found at Amazon. Added to my wish list! :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summertime fun

Spencer is in San Diego right now!!!! Wow, it was hard to watch him drive away to the airport with Grandma! Joe and I got a little teary eyed. But I know he is having a great time! Sea World, the beach, etc...missing you lots, little guy!

Cooper is doing great! Today was his last day of music class, and the newspaper came to take pictures...hopefully Coop will be in the paper! He is doing awesome with his potty training! Tons of stickers on his sticker chart! He is going on his own already...just gets up and goes to the bathroom. I just hope his teeth aren't ruined...I was giving him a "pop" (lollipop) when he went potty, but after he was eating a few a day, I started wondering if that was a mistake! Luckily, we ran out...and he hasn't asked for them the last few times...he goes to his first dentist visit next week, so hopefully all is well!

Napping is going well, too. Everyday he goes in, picks 2 books out for me to read, and then stays in bed...even when his cousins were over yesterday, he stayed put! Today I didn't even read 2 books...after the first book, he said, "Mama, out! Shut my door." And I did. So proud of this little man, too.

Kendall, of course, is doing well. Sleeping a lot..her shots wiped her out! What are you thinking of vaccinations lately? Seems everyone is leaning towards alternate schedules, spreading the shots out. I only had Kendall get 3 shots this week, and next month get the next two. Some doctors even recommend spacing the MMR out, not getting it as one shot. I am leaning towards that now. Google Dr. Sears Alternate Vaccination schedule or check this link to find out more. Kendall even got an oral vaccine...that's new to me! The Rotavirus...some doctors say it's ok to skip because it's a newer vaccine, and many kids get the rotavirus anyway (not serious, a diarrhea type illness).

OK, better go...I've been organizing my pictures a la Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom. Joe surprised me with her category drawers for Mother's Day and it's been fun filling them up. I've already pulled some pictures out to scrap. I'll have to post some of the Kendall pages...working on her first days. Pink, pink, and more pink!!! :-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Auntie Jen a.k.a. The BIRTHDAY girl

Catching up on some recent pictures! Jen~ you'll see Spencey tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-) Hope your day is great! Wish we could celebrate together!!!

Here's some from Kiddieland...
Kendall with her Papa! He actually babysat for her last Saturday. I adore our babysitters for the boys, but not quite ready to leave her with non-family yet. So Papa spent a few hours with her. They had a great time! He introduced her to baseball (Fresno State in college world championship!).
Now she's 11 weeks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A sign...

...that I am tired? I left my car door open, literally standing open, during swim lessons today..came out and saw the door...oops...

Isn't this a cute outfit???

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Project Status

Ok, it's summer, I get to do more reading than reading a few books right now...Dr. Phil's Family First (a bargain book at Amazon right now!) and Gorgeously Green (the going "green" book I recommend), so I am making some changes around here...

1. Family: We do a lot as a can you not when you have small children, but want to make it more quality time. Dinners together at the table, Family Movie Night (first movie: Wizard of Oz) and possibly Family Game Night.
Kendall has officially started sleep training (I put her to bed after she has been awake 1.5-2 hours, gets her on a morning and afternoon nap schedule); Cooper is going back to naps (I read him 2 books in his bed and then works super so far...he kinda got off naps when mommy started being home in the afternoon b/c I let him watch Noggin in my bed to fall asleep...not happening any more), and Spencer will get good quality time with me when the two babies are asleep.

2. Since being off work, I have been shopping more...gotta put an end to that! So until August, I am only buying, toothpaste, you get the drift. No more clothes, shoes, toys, books, unnecessary stuff until August. I will keep you posted on how I am doing! Anyone want to join me??
We have waaay too much, and I am already collecting for a garage sale! It will be hard...there are so many cute websites to shop. I will have to stop clicking on the bargain sites I have linked to the left...there are some fun things...nothing I need...I don't need another diaper bag, Kendall doesn't need shoes until she is walking, and paying all that money for cute burp rags...just use a towel and save a few bucks. I just added a book to my amazon list called Parenting Inc., that discusses the business of parenting: all the strollers, stimulating toys, classes we feel we need to sign our kids up for. Do we really need it? I can't buy it until August, but let me know if you read it!

Today was Father's Day Part 2...being gone most of the day for Father's Day last weekend, I felt we needed to make it up to Joe. He slept in, we went to Kiddieland (braving the high 90's heat), and had Chinese food for dinner with my parents. Joe's favorite! Hope you had a nice day, sweetie! I will post pics of the day later...I need to download. (Sorry, Jen...I know you don't read my blog, only the pictures!)
Have a great week!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to our regular scheduled posts...

...thanks, Vicki, for the link to the new template! See the link on the left if anyone is interested! LeeLou blogs....

Potty training 5...doing OK. He started off on a roll, doing great, 2 accidents on Tuesday...but then today was not that great. Accident and then #2 in his shorts...yuck! He refused to put on underwear, only wanted a I gave in...for now...we aren't at home right now, hanging at Grammy's house, so he is going back to undies when we get home. But it has been easier than I thought. beloved van is making me mad...needed new brakes this week (don't go to Sears!)...and then this morning as I was pulling out to take Cooper to his sitter (he goes on Fridays so he can play!) and Kendall to her 2 month shots, my car sounded funny and sure enough, I had a bad flat. Towed it to the tire store's not flat! The air had been let out of it....that's scary! I know there are randoms that troll our streets on Thursday night since Friday is trash day and all the cans are out...Joe's actually called the police before because a bunch were congregated in front of our house a few months ago...hmm...childish prank (Joe remembers doing this as a child to a winnebago!!) or mean random?
Anyway, better's HOT here today!!! Kelli, you picked a hot time to come home! Hope you are having fun with your parents! :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stealing...for your reading knowledge

...from this blog for your reading pleasure...thought you might be somewhat interested if you enjoyed...or rather, were informed by my last blog entry. thank you, non-toxic kids!

Here is what the blog entry said:
Thursday, June 19, 2008
Where do I start?
This question came to me via email from a reader. She asked me where she should begin to make her home safer for her family and for the environment. What a great question! So many of my posts come from emailed questions. Thank you, and keep 'em coming. I've been on the move, literally, this week and not posting as much as usual. We are renovating our house and have moved out into a small cabin with an outhouse (more on this later :) ). So this will be brief, but I will add to it later if need be. Tips for how to start making better environmental health choices for your family and the planet:
1. Lead test your children's toys. You can buy lead test kits and test as many as you can. If you find any with lead, get rid of them, and then try to buy only unfinished wood toys, or toys painted with non-toxic paint.
2. Make sure there is no lead paint in your house, or if there is, it is sealed with a lead barrier. Check doors, old furniture, and other odds and ends in your house. It lurks in surprising places, and can cause serious neurological development problems in children.
3. Change from plastic sippy cups and bottles to glass or BPA free alternatives.
4. Try to buy and use only non-toxic cleaning and laundry products. There are many good brands, but Seventh Generation and bio-Kleen are two that I use often.
5. Decrease your family's chemical load. As you run out of soaps and shampoos, replace them with products that have no phthalates, parabens and other harmful chemicals. Some good brands are Burt's Bees, Desert Organics, Avalon Organics, Aubrey Organics and many others.
6. Lessen your use of plastic. Try to use cloth bags for groceries, and produce. Avoid microwaving in plastic, and try to move towards using glass to store food instead.
7. Try to eat less processed, packaged foods. Visit farmer's markets or join a CSA.
8. Buy as much organic food as you can, but visit this link to find out the good that is the most beneficial to buy organic.
9. Avoid buying bottled water, it is in most cases worse then tap water and is terrible for the environment in many, many ways.
10. Sign up for the CPSC's email alerts about toy recalls. That way you will know right away if you have a toxic item. I could go on and on (as you all know) but I like ending on 10. I hope this was helpful, Meg! Thanks for emailing.

****Sorry for stealing....but I did give credit....and I thought it was a good list!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimsuit Season! (And Soapbox Alert!)

Kendall wore her first swimsuit of the well as her life! LOL! She sure looked cute! Here she is with Steph, looking cute! And with Mama! My first swimsuit of the season...bought on clearance at the store where my paychecks should just go directly...Target! It's OK, but the regular price suits weren't that great, so at least this clearance one was kind of cute. I haven't bought a new swimsuit in years! And...ahem...I am nursing, so I need a "bigger" suit...heehee...hope that wasn't too much info for you! :-)

Here are some cute pix of the boys...can't forget them! :-) Busy here...swim lessons (round 2 for Spencer) class for Coop...Vacation Bible School for Spence, he loves it! Kendall gets to enjoy it all. Luckily, she is so good about being in the car. She falls asleep as soon as we get going and usually stays asleep when we get to our destination.

So what's new with you?

I know I mentioned that I wanted to share some info about being "green" and "healthy" all started when I learned about the BPA in baby bottles (you've mostly likely heard this by now!) and how even Canada has outlawed those bottles, but the US still hasn't come to the consensus that BPA is unhealthy...well, anyway, it got me started thinking about the other things we use, and how safe are they? Guess what? Many things aren't. Now, I'm not trying to be crazy about this, but when you think about it for a sec, much of the lotions, shampoo, sunscreen, etc., we use hasn't been around for that long. Who knows what the long term effects are from using those items chock full of chemicals! Yes, those yummy smelling lotions, including the fragranced baby soaps, are hiding many chemicals known to cause cancer and allergies at the very least. Google "Skin Deep" and you can see a website that lists all the beauty products you might use, and how safe it is considered. Spend 10 minutes browsing and see lists of things considered "safe" and "unsafe" for our find more info about plastics and BPA. Just a few small changes doesn't hurt, does it?

Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano (saw her on Oprah's Earth Day special) is a good resource, too (can pick up at Target). I just finished the beauty chapter, and spent some time going through the products in our house. She recommends throwing them out, but for the rest of us on a limited budget, I am using up and replacing with healthier options. The Safe Mama site has a store where they link you to the safer products, saving you some time researching. I bought some of the California Baby products to use on the kids: lotion, body wash and shampoo, diaper creme (and can be purchased at guess where...Target!). Yes, it's pricier, but I'll pay the few extra dollars to know my kids are not being exposed to those chemicals (some of which have been banned in the European Union for years, but not here!!!). Yes, these are the same kids that eat McDonald's probably once a week (bad mommy!) and mac and cheese for dinner at home....hey, gotta start somewhere, right? That's my first is coming next...that will be harder since I'm all about convenience and not a fan of cooking...

So, anyway, off my soapbox...hope that made some sense to you. It's kind of frightening when you start doing some research. This post was about being time I'll talk about some small earth friendly things to, I am not going "granola-y" on know me! But buy a reusable bag for that store you shop at a lot and save a plastic bag...I love my Target reusable bags...though I need to remember to use it for all my trips....sometimes I forget...oops! That's not helping!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Joe, my sweetie! Poor guy, he kinda got ripped off this year...I was gone most of the day with 2 of the kids...SO he will get a make-up day...thinking maybe next weekend...we can go to the zoo, out to lunch,the whole works, what do you think, Joe?

We went to see Jenny, who visiting with her in-law's in Gilroy. It was a short visit, but she got to meet Kendall for the first time! She fell in love! And I know Kendall loved her! Cooper had a great time playing with Aunt Jenny without competing with his brother. Aunt Jenny, we have to make sure you have Coopy time, too! And both kids slept all the way home...yes! We were without Spence b/c my van needs new brake pads. And no other cars we have access to has space for 3 carseats! Even Joe's car only fits 2!

Congrats to another new mama to be...also due in January! I better check with her before I post her name...:-) So excited for her!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

real quick...

1. My Shutterfly order came so fast...2 days! And the colors were great on most of the pictures...the paper they printed it on seems a little "flimsier" than the Costco paper. but I was pleasantly surprised with Shutterfly.

2. summer fav: Cherry Limeade Slush from Sonic....sooooo good! Took the boys yesterday for treats after their doctor checkups (all healthy!) and it was Happy Hour at Sonic (1/2 price drinks). Boy, everyone in town must go at that time, it was so crowded, but omigosh, the drink was worth it! I think I may need to stop by again today...I do have to run to the post office! :-)

Summer here, and it's finally getting hot here...oh, I know I'll be wishing for the cooler temps soon enough, but with all the swimming I want to do, it needs to be warmer! :-)

We're fine, enjoying our time together. We get to see Jenny this weekend! She's going to Gilroy for her sister-in-law's baby shower today, so we are driving over tomorrow morning to visit with her. And Spence and Grandma leave for their San Diego trip in a week and a half!

We got to visit with our Margo this week!!! She came out from Iowa to visit and we spent the afternoon visiting with 2 other families she used to babysit, too. Cooper was a little shy with her...which made me sad, since he adored her and always used to be in her arms! But I know he was happy to see her. She is doing great there and loves Iowa! Hopefully you had a much better flight home, Margo!! :-) We miss you!

And this week we are going to attempt potty training Cooper! Now that he's's time! Spencer potty trained in about 2 weeks, no problem, at 3, so hopefully we can do that with Cooper...keeping my fingers crossed. With food prices going up (holy cow), not buying diapers for 2 children would be nice! Luckily, we were gifted with diapers for Kendall (thank you Vicki for the HUGE box that we are still using!!!) and haven't had to purchase them for her yet!

Kendall is doing great...sleeping longer stretches at night, Lately, she likes to sleep a long stretch from about 7 to midnight...too bad I am not sleeping then! Oh well, I DO need to go to sleep earlier! She's so cute and happy! This is the SF onesie Aunt Meg bought city girl! Steph, we are planning a SF trip soon!!!

So anyway, not much new here...just living la vida loca! Ha! :-)

Happy Birthday to Laura!!! Hope your day was great!
Congrats to 2 friends that have recently announced they are expecting new babies in January...and they are hoping for girls! Anyone else??? I have begun packing up Kendall's 0-3 months clothes...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday (1 day later) to Cooper!

This is the cake he picked out for his birthday!

Happy happy day to my sweet little boy, who is now a big old 3 year old!!! He's so loving, and independent, and stubborn, and great!
he got exactly what he wanted for his birthday! Yesterday we were in Target, and he spotted a cool electric guitar. Well, he grabbed it, found a wagon, and began pulling his "tar" around the store. He had no idea that his Daddy had already bought that guitar, plus amp, for his birthday gift! I was wondering how in the world we would get out of Target without buying his "tar". Luckily, Maddie was with us, so I gave Coop some money and told him to go get a juice with Maddie at the Food Court. Off he went...however, once at the car, he realized we no longer had the guitar with us. He was so upset! He didn't want to wait, telling me it would be gone if we didn't buy it now!
Later that evening, at his birthday party, the now grumpy Cooper started crying, and when I asked him what was the problem, he said he wanted to go to Target and get his "tar". So we gave him his present before pizza and cake...and he was SO happy! He never let it go all night...he even slept with it...he is such a rock star! So happy happy birthday to my sweetheart!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I promised the boys that if, in swim lessons today, they used "big arms" (Spencer) and put their head under the water (Cooper) I would get them McDonald's...I must confess, mostly for me...I am McLovin' the new southern style chicken reminds me of Chick-fil-a...yummy!!! I had Chick-fil-a in Nashville a year and half ago and loved it! They actually have one in San Diego, so we are going next time we go down there! So, anyway, if you feel like a good sandwich, try it!

And, of course, my boys rocked their swim lessons!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday, Monday

The hardest part of having 3 kids is getting home from we got home from swimming lessons loaded down with towels, diaperbag, presents from Jenna, and baby gear that Jenna's mommy had passed onto me...whew, it took forever to get into the house...and everyone was clamoring for lunch, too! And when they fall asleep in the car, that's an extra challenge! the first time I pulled into the driveway with all 3 asleep, I wondered what to do! I almost called my mom to come over and help me unload...hee-hee...but I didn't! Hey, she only lives 5 minutes away! :-)

Now it's our first full week of vacation! I need to get into gear and plan a schedule so boredom doesn't settle in. Right now Spencer is complaining that his birthday isn't for a full year, Kendall's swinging, and Cooper's playing in a big box...he should be napping!

I just ordered some photos from shutterfly...what a %$#& in the neck! It had a hard time uploading my pictures and then it's almost $8 for shipping! and it won't be here until Friday at the earliest! I thought I was saving money, but I'm going back to Costco's 1 hour! too bad I already bought a prepaid plan at shutterfly....think I'll use it up fast and be done!

OK, better go!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

what's new with you?

Here we are...9 weeks old...cooing, content, sweet...we are so in love!

Boys had a small birthday party yesterday...we just invited a few pre-school friends for water fun and ice cream sundaes. :-) they had a blast!

Went on a "date" to see Sex and the City! Allen and Joe always go to the movies, so last night Monica and I got to go. It's a great movie! The fashion is fun, and it's pretty long...which I enjoyed...felt like you were watching a SATC marathon! Poor Charlotte...her storyline was pretty boring. But anyway, gals, it's a must-see...though I really wanted to go out and get a cosmo afterwards, but my date is pregnant!

Today we are actually heading to the movies again to see Kung Fu will be Cooper's first movie! I think he can handle it! Spencer has been a movie fan for a while, now it's Cooper's turn to see what it's all about! Daddy loves having his movie buddies! Plus, the free movies start this week, and we'll see if I'll be going alone with Spencer or taking Coop, too.

OK, more enabling...sorry...but here's 2 more bargain sites for mamas: and You have to check out the deals, they change a couple times daily! I don't really need anything, but so tempted when the diaper bags are 72% off! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Some earth and health friendly tips coming up this week...I have been reading this book:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another blogging friend!

Yay, Steph joined the blogworld...Steph's blog....and it's great! Steph is a city gal, and I am looking forward to hearing about her experiences...isn't that why we read blogs? I love them! I get a peek inside people's lives...I've always been interested in reading historical diaries anyway...Anne Frank of course first intrigued me. Plus, Steph is super creative, so I am sure we'll get some great ideas from her.
And I see Vicki is already addicted to posting! :-)

Summer Plans:
1. Swim lessons for boys (currently happening)
2. Organize the office/scrapbook room
3. Scrapbook A LOT
4. Trip to San Diego and Legoland
5. Sarah's wedding in Malibu (Spencer's Godmother's daughter)
6. Play a lot with my kiddos
7. Host lots of BBQ's
8. See Margo (next week!!!)
9. Lose weight (it's not falling off as quickly this time...)
10. Become more Earth Friendly and Healthy for my children (more on this later...)

Not too much planned, looking forward to just relaxing....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to ...

my baby Spencer! He's 5!!!! And so happy to be 5! Here's a picture of him at 4 days old, coming home from the tiny and much to learn and love! Happy Birthday Baby boy!!!!
And a recent picture...have to upload the birthday pics still....
And here's some sites to check out:

She's blogging!!!! Yay!!! Vicki (and Chip and Lily) have moved from LA to Texas and this about their new adventures...can't wait to read more!

And if you have a baby in your life and love discounts, this site offers a "steal" everyday...way cheap was the popular babylegs at half off!

And this one...she is an incredible scrapper and a good photographer and get this moms, she scrapbooks the kids she babysits in her daycare...ahhhhh...would LOVE those pages! And she is having a contest on her blog and if you win, she will scrap a page for you using your pictures....shouldn't tell you in case it makes it harder for me to win, but she's cool...and we've been emailing each other since we found out we are only about an hour away from each other...:-) she even sent me some baby girl scrapping stuff! Can't wait to get started making Kendall's first year the way, my baby girl is almost officially 2 months old!!!

Last...I am OFF work!!!! Yay! Hopefully I won't have to go back full time for a long time....
so excited for summer...