Saturday, March 13, 2010

March(ing) on

Well hello are you enjoying March? A little too chilly for me...but spring is almost here! Yippee!!!! We have been busy! But who isn't??? First we had this...first tooth out...then we had number 2 come out...(he only received $1 from the tooth fairy!)...and in more BiG news...we now have a rock star (in the making) on our hands! Cooper is officially enrolled in guitar classes and proudly owns a real electric guitar! He is SO excited! The teacher suggested electric instead of acoustic because it's easier for small children to hold. Cooper is so excited! He turns on the music channel on TV and rocks along with it. Very cute! Can't believe I let my 4 year old get an electric guitar, though. Am I nuts or what??? I will keep you posted!
(Cooper dresses himself. Trust me, I did not pick out camo and plaid. He's a rock star, what can I say?)
And in other attended a coupon class last month and was shocked to realize I have been "couponing" wrong the whole time! Basically, if you use just a coupon on a full price item, you would have probably saved money buying generic. You need a manufacturer's coupon, as well as a store coupon, and if the item is on sale, you are in business! The Sassy Saver ( says she pays about $1 or less (sometimes free!) for each of the items she buys. Her total grocery bill (including toiletries) is around $35 a week! Can you believe that??? So, I am slowly trying this out. Some local friends here are doing very well! Me, not so hot. Spent an hour at Walgreens and spent about $3 total for two tubes of Crest and a bottle of John Freida shampoo. Good...but an hour??? (My coupons were a mess!). Also did well at CVS a few weeks ago, but then lost my CVS bucks (basically $5 free money). So....not too hot yet! The good news is that you don't have to figure out these deals...there are blogs that explain the deals and which coupons to use. Check the Sassy Saver and for you NorCal people. So snag a copy of tomorrow (Sunday's) paper and keep the coupon inserts! Go check those blogs now or search for some local ones for you. Let me know how you do...and I'll keep you posted on how I do. I can only get better ! :-)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hope this doesn't make me a bad mommy...but Spencer got $20 for his tooth! I asked Joe for some cash..$5 or so...since I never have cash...and all he had was a $20! Neither of us felt like going out for cash, so that's what he got! Apparently his class didn't believe him when he told them! LOL! I stamped up a cute little note from the tooth fairy telling him it was a special he got that because it was his first tooth...meaning: don't expect it again! I am sensing 50 cents in the future, especially since he has 3 more loose teeth now!
Sorry I have been a bad blogger! I will try to update you all more often. First up: apparently I have been "couponing" wrong my whole life. I will share what I learned later this week. Very cool!
fun fact: Did you know that the Chile earthquake knocked the earth off it's axis a bit? And shortened our day by a few milliseconds (or so)...just what we busy moms need, right? LESS time in our day!?! Oh well...
Wishing my sweet Jake a happy birthday tomorrow!!! (my nephew and Spencer's BFF) We're heading out for pizza tonight to celebrate. Happy Wednesday!