Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I {heart} France

It's Book Club day! This month's book was a biography, The Black Count. I haven't quite finished-it's full of history, but I am enjoying it!
Alexandre Dumas' works were heavily influenced by his father, also named Alexandre Dumas. In the biography The Black Count, author Tom Reiss tells how Dumas went from slavery to become the equivalent of a five star general in the French military. Join From Left to Write on October 11 as we discuss the The Black Count. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

I have a slight obsession with the French. I love reading about anything related to France. On my Goodreads list, I have read about 20-30 books that take place in France, soaking up the culture and the history. I have certainly learned a lot-Sarah's Key opened my eyes to how some of the French Jewish citizens were treated in France (so tragic), and this book explored the world of slavery in the French colony of what is now Haiti (terribly-even worse than the southern Americans treated their slaves), and how the first civil rights movement appeared in France before the French revolution! Very interesting to read more about the French history.

Earlier this summer I couldn't put down the child rearing book, Bringing Up Bebe, about the difference between American parents and French parents. I have to say, I discovered a lot (and annoyed several of my friends as I blathered on and on...sorry!).
That being said, I haven't been planning any trips to France, no travel budget at this point in my life (though my little sister is saving for a trip on her 40th birthday-3 years away and has invited me). I don't have a burning desire to go to France. Maybe I will or won't make it there, maybe I am a better "armchair" traveler, but I will keep reading about French woman and French families and enjoy "getting away". Oh, have I mentioned how I have a slight obsession with books taking place in India, as well???