Saturday, October 28, 2006

Parties, parties...

We are still partying here! We had Isaiah's 3rd birthday party this morning, and tonight we went to a Harvest Party at the Hadley Farm. Hayrides, s'mores, square dancing (so fun!), mazes for the kids, and food! Fun, fun until someone gets hurt...Spence and Jake were running around while we were square dancing and the floor of the barn was very slippery with hay. They had had a blast all night, climbing over the hay bales, running around the dancers, and boom...Spence fell onto the floor and got a bad bloody nose. After some ice and some juice, he was back in the maze. Whew...boys...but all in all, a great time! I am exhausted now...DON'T forget to change back your clocks tonight. Fall back! Everyone says, oh good, an extra hour of sleep...tell my kids, please! We'll still be up early, except it will be even earlier...

Don't forget... change back your clocks tonight (unless you live in AZ)! One extra hour of sleep...ha, do you think my boys will know that! Actually, Spence slept in until 8 this morning, and Coop until almost 9...thank you! :-)
Busy weekend planned...we are heading to another birthday party this morning! We already been to Aiden's 3rd, Carter's 2nd and now Isaiah's 3rd! October is a busy brithday month!
Then tonight we are going to a Harvest Party at a farm...hayrides, square dancing, mazes, food! Can't wait! Spence had a blast last year, so I am sure it will be fun this year, too. We're going with the family: Joe's parents and the his sister Michelle's family.
Oops, Coop is trying to destroy Isaiah's birthday gift...gotta go! Happy October!

Monday, October 23, 2006


...I just went to Sally's blog and saw that we have almost the same title for our Pumpkin patch entry...weird...honestly, i didn't see her blog until after I wrote mine....tooo funny! I know there are few readers that read her blog and mine (thanks!), and I didn't want you to think I was copying her, even though I do love her blog, especially her awesome scrapping layouts and banner (maybe one day I'll figure out how to do one, too)...too bad we didn't see you at the patch, Sally! I want to see your girls in real life! hee-hee...

Pumpkins, part deux

We took Coop to the patch now. Spence insisted that Coop needed to go, too. We have some great patches around here, but we went back to the familiar Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch. Spence had a grand time getting dirty, and Coop loved walking around, trying to catch up with big brother. He does that quite a bit. Today he saw Spence sitting on the couch watching a show, and Coop climbed up to sit just like his brother. Of course, his attention span is about 5 seconds for TV, which is fine with me, so it wasn't enough time to run and get the camera.

Poor Coop, he also got 5 shots today! My poor baby...he was so brave, and was even laughing later in the evening. Spencer remarked in the car on the way there, "Mommy, I am so proud that I don't have to get shots!" Cracks me up...I have been saying to him things like, "Good, you helped your brother. You must be proud of yourself." and "You stayed in bed last night! You must feel good!"....comments courtesy of Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours...a great discipline book, with a Christian parent's perspective. Check it out, mamas!
Enjoy the pictures.... I love the one of Coop chasing after his brother...what we have to look forward to...lovin' it!!!!!!! Boys rock!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Haircut and pumpkin patch!

Spencer went on his first field trip today! We went to the pumpkin patch. It was his first bus ride, too. He could hardly wait to go on the bus! The pre-schoolers were very well behaved. It was an enjoyable morning. Spencer is sporting a new 'do, also. He was getting pretty shaggy, so Daddy took him and he's almost bald (to me, anyway!). I wanted to cry when i saw him. He is so old looking now. These moments are passing too quickly. I am afraid if I blink, my boys will be grow up and be men. I can't handle that! But enjoy the pics...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TV Time

Aaahhh, a sight that warms this teacher's heart...her two boys reading...heehee...

Fall TV...what's on your "must see" list? Me, I haven't really found any new shows. My DVR still records "Grey's Anatomy" ( a must see!!!) and "How I Met Your Mother" (so cute!). I half enjoy the new show, "The Class", the characters are interesting, but it's not a must see for me. I DVR "One Tree Hill", but I watch most of it in fast forward. I get through the hour long show in 20 minutes. I don't why I feel like to have to know what's going on. Weird. I am looking forward to my "OC" returning, but now that Marissa Cooper is dead, I think it'll change the show too much. Ryan is quitting Berkeley for boxing?!?
Joe and I tried watching"30 Rock" tonight, but it didn't get any laughs out of us. Plus, the actors are soooo liberal in "real life". It's college I attended the Democrat Club meetings and campaigned for Democrat candidates (I interned with a political campaign firm in Santa Barbara), but now as wife, mom, and adult, I have become much more conservative. Plus, I think my hubby has rubbed off on me. Life is full of twisty turns and you'll never know where you'll find yourself.
I better go start my report least favorite part of teaching...grades....But I am really liking 4th grade! It's a good grade to teach. It's actually the grade I wanted to teach while working on my credential, but I have never taught it until now.
Good night!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Party time

Today we partied for Aiden's 3rd birthday at Kiddieland. Luckily, I brought my helper, Maddie...whew...once 2 are mobile, it gets harder and harder to bring them out alone...
we had a fun day. We ended the day at Grammy & Grampy's house with mexican food and playing outside. The cousins (Spence, Coop, Jake, Tyler, Riley and Maddie) had a blast, climbing all over the jungle gym, swinging, and just running around being crazy. Coop, of course, wants in on the action. He is one busy busy boy. Boys are so much fun!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Note to self... careful about snack time! Maybe think twice about graham crackers and peanut butter or chocolate pudding (though I did not give to Coop...he stole from his big bro). Oh well...the joys of childhood, getting messy....