Sunday, October 06, 2013

Are you still here?

Well now...time sure flies when you're having fun...or working full time...or raising three kids...or living a life...right?
We finished our summer, enjoyed spending lots of time together, and now we're back to school!  All the kiddos are with me this year!  I love it!  I get to see them every day at work.  The boys stop in on their recess breaks and sometimes I sneak over to Kendall's playground on my lunch break and say hi.  I love it!  School is going very well for everyone.  

Spencer is working hard in 5th grade and is on safety patrol, is a 5th grade senator for student council, and is taking singing and acting classes. He just auditioned for the Christmas show at his theatre.  

Cooper loves 3rd grade and happy his BFF is in class with him, too. He just finished his first session of water polo and was awesome!  He is hoping to start tennis lessons next.  He can be found sneaking onto his video games whenever he can.  Mama outlawed video games during the school's Cooper and me in his class. I am not his teacher this year!  I have none of my kids this year.  Miss them!

Kendall is a social butterfly in kindergarten.  She is excited to go to school everyday and see her friends. She is learning so much and leaves us little notes all around the house. LOVE. She started girl scouts this fall!  Friday night we hosted her first slumber party. I think it was a success!  3 little girls laughing, dressing up, playing "fashion", doing their nails 50,000 times...and finally falling asleep.  
Here's Kendall and Grandma at one of our fav after school spots-frozen yogurt!

I am in 4th grade again (wahoo) and love my class! Joe and I have been getting out a little more. Spent a weekend in San Francisco a month ago, and we went to see Depeche Mode last week.  Awesome show!  We have a few more upcoming date nights coming up, too. Life is good in the Brown household.
Hoping to update this ole blog of mine more in the upcoming weeks...stay tuned...
Summer flashback: camping at Pinecrest!