Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I miss you, Grandma

Grandma, you will be missed. I am so glad I saw you just a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Precious Morgan

Here's one of the cutest little girls in the world...Baby Morgan at her Naming Ceremony! (Yay, Robin, I got it on!!!!)

Ohhh...my pics worked....here's Tegan!!!!! :-) From a week ago...Spencer's first best friend!

My baby is grown up

Feeling a little mopey...my baby Spence started pre-school today. How in the world did that happen???? My babies aren't babies anymore....he loved school, by the way. He looked so cute! His favorite part was playing with the trains in the yellow room. :-)
I am also a little mopey about school..liking my new partner, but other stuff are kinda bumming me out...oh well...anyway have a LOT of money to give us so I can stay home????

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

stuff I hate continued

Ah, Sally, you reminded me...
10. I hate doing report cards! I love teaching, but I do not like all the grading and paperwork! I get behind and then have to make a mad rush to catch up. I like to do daily assessments to know where my kids are.

I also hate crowded places, especially when I am with my 2 small boys. Waiting in line with them is hard. Especially my very mobile-on the move- can't stand still Cooper. His grammy says he is just like his daddy! We postponed our Disneyland trip for later this fall...hopefully less crowded than summer! :-)

Oh, and being stuck in traffic with 2 boys who may or may not be happy or hot or thirsty or hot...

OK, gotta go mop the floors...and help Joe paint...my favorites! Yippeeeee.....

10 Things You Hate Doing

Ok, 10 on Tuesday's newest tag is 10 Things you hate doing...here's mine...

1. Cleaning the toilets
2. Scrubbing the shower (anything bathroom related)
3. Painting the top part of the wall
4. Mopping (Can you tell cleaning is not my thing...)
5. Taking my car in to get fixed
6. Writing big checks
7. Putting away baby clothes because they won't fit my babies anymore...
8. hate being late and I am late a lot now....ugh...
9. losing my keys (starting to stretch...I guess maybe cleaning is my hated thing...)
10. hmmmm....

Ok, that was harder than I thought. Ok, I am tagging Sally, Vicki, and Brian....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Fun

So we ventured down south again to visit friends and go to Morgan's naming ceremony (Robin and Peter's beautiful baby girl). We had a blast! First we stayed with Tegan and family. Tegan was Spencer's first best friend. We love his family. Spencer had a great time playing with Tegan (and seeing Evan, his cute baby brother). He is the most well behaved 3 year old ever! Joe and I were amazed at him...he certainly seems much older than 3 and 2 months...Charity and Shane are some amazing parents!! Our boys weren't in the best form, though I know 2 long trips and a week without mommy all day didn't help. No more car trips for awhile...
We also visited with the Hayes family and their new addition, Summer. So cute! Diane, one of my dearest friends and Spencer's godmother, came over and chatted with us for a while at Charity's house. Diane is also mother to Aaron, lead singer of Under the Influence of Giants, a hot new band. They have been in People the last 2 weeks, on Jimmy Kimmel, and have a video on rotation on MTV. If you love dance music, you'll love them. Check it out on itunes!!! Awesome!!!
On Sunday we attended the naming ceremony. It was so good to see Robin. I miss her a lot. She is such a fun friend and we always have a good time together. Isn't her daughter just precious???? She slept through the whole party!
On the way home, we ran into a brush fire on the 5 and sat on the Grapevine for 2 hours!!! Augh! It was closed and we wern't sure what to do. Go back to LA? Just wait? Luckily (I guess...) they opened it before we had to be diverted onto an alternate route that would have taken us off and around the Grapevine, a delay of ??? hours! So we made it home, and I went straight to bed as today was my FIRST day of school! Already! But I survived and Maya, my new teaching partner, and I enjoyed our day. Tomorrow I'm off at 11:50, so I am looking forward to my shorter days!
UGH>>>>My pics won't link....Robin, I'll keep trying...I'm not sure what is going on....ugh...

Amanda's here!

Kim and Mike welcomed baby Amanda Joy yesterday! Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures! So excited for these guys!

Friday, August 11, 2006

pics that didn't post

my pics won't post...waaah...not my day!


...toe....I broke my toe this morning...owwww! I was on my way to school, had the boys in the car, ran back to the house to get something and owww...ran into the handle of the hose house...my pinky toe was literally pointing the other way! It hurt soooo bad!!! I dropped the boys off at their auntie's house (Aunt Chelle) and went straight to Urgent Care. After an xray, a shot to numb the toe (MORE pain) and a post op shoe, I was at school. Monday is the first day of school. Nothing like starting the year with a broken toe. Hmmmm.....oh well....
I guess the house will stay half painted, the rooms messy...how did I get so far behind????

That's all...I'll leave with some pics from our San Diego trip. The boys had a blast! Spencer wants to move to San Diego (me, too!). Anyone else????

Kim, anxious to hear baby news...the countdown's on!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

For the grandmas

Grandmas....here are some shots of Coop and his haircut! :-) He looks so cute and so grown-up! San Diego pictures coming soon!!!!
P.S. Little Locks in Ja Jolla rocks!!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

new shoes...

Cooper got his first pair of new shoes! We went to the cutest boutique, the owner is sooo sweet (vicki, I'll take you when you guys come up next!). They were out of size 4 in the shoes I really wanted, so she got on the phone to order more from the company, but I didn't want to wait so I picked another pair. They are so cute! Very fall-like...you can see the pics. In one of the pics, doesn't my baby look soooo old! Waaaah! (Edited to add, my links aren't working today...hmmm, but if you want to check out the shoes, they are See Kai Run style "Diego" at www.seekairun.com)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer's here!

Summer Hayes, baby of my friends Colleen & Chris, was born last night! Yay! I just got the news via a friend, but I had to post. Her big brother is Turner, 2. He must be so happy!
Congrats, Hayes Family!