Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost December! :-)

It's almost here..the most wonderful time of the year....lalala! So excited! Last year, Joe and I were sick on and off in December, plus stressed about moving, and broke, and so on...and this year we are determined to have a wonderful holiday! Here are some of the things we are doing:
*Already got our's up and decorated and smelling good! It's huge, too! This is the earliest we've ever gotten a tree! Yippee!
*Tomorrow starting our advent activities. Need to type up the list of activities tonight. Need some ideas? Check out this list I found: Advent Activities. I stole some of her ideas, too!
*Also, wrapping up a Christmas book for each night. The kids can unwrap one and we will read! I found a site that lists activities for several books, but don't think we'll be doing too many, after school and homework and life, time is limited....

Anyway...that's a start! Bring on the hot cocoa! Hope your holiday is great!

Thanksgiving was fun! Yummy food, family and friends! Aunt Meg with KendallCooper at his pre-school feastDaddy and Spencer leaving for the annual Brown Family Thanksgiving Day Golf trophies this year, though. But they had fun!Need to crop this still.... :-)We loved our week off together! Somewhat refreshed and back to work...3 weeks until Christmas break, but I know it will fly by. The old calendar is already filling up: Bunco tomorrow, Christmas cookie exchange, family Christmas party, Polar Express this weekend!!! Have a super week! One last bloggy blog worth mentioning: Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas!

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