Monday, January 04, 2010

Snow Day!

So we finally went and had a snow day! After all, the snow is only a little over an hour away! Poor Coop-middle child-has never even seen the snow and he is 4! But we made it....excuse the many clashing colors...since we aren't snow goers on a periodic basis, we had to borrow boots for 3 of us and snow pants for me! I actually have ski pants from my back in the day ski days...about a handful of them, ha! But, anyway, thought it might be warmer in snow pants! Well, it was so warm up in the mountains, we actually began to regret our thermal layers and lost the coats pretty quickly. Here are some pics of the fun reverse order, I forgot this is how they load and I'm too lazy to switch around!
Ended the day by playing near Pinecrest. The lake is totally dried up and covered in snow! Fun!
Our snowman....

Not our snowman...
Mama and sweet girl!

Daddy pulling the 3 at Pinecrest.
Someone realized she LOVEd sledding and how dare you leave her!!!!

Cooper's creative shot of Joe and me....future photographer?

Whee!!!! On the sledding hill outside Longbarn!
My *3* sweet kids! LOVED the snow!

Heading up the hill!


The boys really wanted to make snow angels!

What a fun day! We can't wait to go back. We also went to Dodge Ridge so the boys could see people skiing and snowboarding! Joe is taking Spencer soon for a snowboarding trip. Both of them CAN'T wait! When are we going back????


My world said...

very, very cute!!

Vicki said...

You got some great pics!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Amy, Thanks for stopping by. Kim told me you she sent you my way. I just did a post that I think you will like... Ugh! If only the motherhood was perfect like so many blogs portray!
Your kids are adorbale!