Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hope this doesn't make me a bad mommy...but Spencer got $20 for his tooth! I asked Joe for some cash..$5 or so...since I never have cash...and all he had was a $20! Neither of us felt like going out for cash, so that's what he got! Apparently his class didn't believe him when he told them! LOL! I stamped up a cute little note from the tooth fairy telling him it was a special he got that because it was his first tooth...meaning: don't expect it again! I am sensing 50 cents in the future, especially since he has 3 more loose teeth now!
Sorry I have been a bad blogger! I will try to update you all more often. First up: apparently I have been "couponing" wrong my whole life. I will share what I learned later this week. Very cool!
fun fact: Did you know that the Chile earthquake knocked the earth off it's axis a bit? And shortened our day by a few milliseconds (or so)...just what we busy moms need, right? LESS time in our day!?! Oh well...
Wishing my sweet Jake a happy birthday tomorrow!!! (my nephew and Spencer's BFF) We're heading out for pizza tonight to celebrate. Happy Wednesday!

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