Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why hello there...

...long time no write! Time is busy, life is crazy, I'm back to work, blah blah blah...:-)
The boys are enjoying school....Spencer adores 2nd grade and is HAPPY that mom is back on his campus! Cooper is meeting all kinds of new friends in kinder, and he's apparently very quiet in class! He will soon be sporting poor boy got his mama's blind as a bat eyes. But won't he look adorable??? Kendall is talking up a storm, counting to ten, being as cute and sweet as ever, and happy to be back to Miss Michelle's 4 days a week. One day is Grandma Day. The pictures of our first day are not camera is still we borrowed a camera, but I had the wrong settings on and missed my great shots. Oh well, gotta start playing with photoshop more!
Anyway, Joe's newest venture is on and he's doing well: Your one stop shop for your apartment shopping. New apartments are being added almost daily, and then soon the sponsors will be added. He's already got the next website purchased and planned. I'm proud of him!

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