Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good news

Lots of good news to share...the first is that I am going to be an aunt again...yes, Jenny is pregnant! Whoo-hooo! And DUE on my birthday! :-) What a great gift! We are so excited for you and seriously bummed we are so far away....but she is sending me belly pics so I see her progress.
The second is that I am getting a new camera! Good news for you, too....since I will be able to blog and share more! My camera lens cracked last summer, and at first I was told that my lens would be replaced (gotta love insurance), but the camera was having issues and every picture was ending up so blurry, so they reevaluated my camera and determined that it would cost more to fix than to replace, so I am just waiting for the check now! I am trying to decide to upgrade to a newer Nikon or switch to a Canon Rebel...dilemma, dilemma...
So until I can start posting our creative endeavors around are some postings I have bookmarked lately...
Cute canvas paintings that we can do!
Blessings Board (can't wait to make this!)
I made these! Cute pumpkins from guess what...

Happy Saturday!

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