Sunday, October 16, 2011

And what's new with you....

I know I have some relatives that read this and would like updates on the kiddos...


Loving 3rd grade. Reading Harry Potter, doing great in math, finding a competitive edge in him, finished season 3 of Splashball (jr water polo). Loves drawing and creating-very creative. Making a movie with daddy about aliens (one of his obsessions). I think he's really into sci-fi! He ran for 3rd grade senator, but so many of his friends ran, that they "cancelled" each other out and someone else won (with not that many votes!). But we were proud of him-he had to write a speech and present it at an assembly.


Lost his first tooth and he was so excited! Enjoying first grade. I can tell you as his teacher, that things come very easily for him (especially math!). He is reading a lot now-trying to read everything. In the middle of soccer season, which he really isn't loving. Wants to try tennis next. Loves to fix things with daddy and is always found with his ipod (favs: Awolnation and Eminem!).

Miss Social Butterfly is loving school. She loves "reading" (reads to her dolls every night). Loves dolls, nail polish, shoes-anything girly! Helping Dad with cooking (mom likes to do it herself!). Doesn't like to sleep...last one to fall asleep at night. Sometimes it's just K and Dad up! Talking all the time...a real chatterbox! Likes to tease us-will say "I just kidding!"

Having a busy, but fun fall. We've been spending a lot of time in the Santa Cruz area, and we really like it over there. I could live there! Beach and culture!
Our family country project is coming along slowly...we've read a couple of books and put a huge wall map in the hallway. I found a German restaurant in the Santa Cruz area to try next time we go over there. I need to stay on top of it. Now that we don't have things going on almost night (soccer practice and splashball), I think I can schedule more family evenings. not that we don't spend every minute together as it is-we've been taking family walks when it gets dark. But I want to do more family meeting type evenings. Does anyone else do that?

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