Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Club: Children's Names

Today's post is inspired by Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. As a member of the Left to Write Book Club, I received a copy of the book to read and write a post inspired by the book. Being pregnant while in graduate school is no piece of cake and even more stressful to learn your unborn child had Down syndrome. In her memoir *Expecting Adam *, Martha Beck battled almost everyone over her decision to continue her pregnancy. Join From Left to
Writeon November 10 as we discuss Expecting Adam. I found this book very interesting-especially the the magical coincidences that occurred to Martha while pregnant with Adam and after he was born. I would love to meet him!

I have always been fascinated by baby names. I used to buy baby name books as a teenager and pore over them, listing my favorites (top contenders over the years-Autumn, Jordan (girl), Connor). I love love learning the reasons behind people's names and how they got them (and once I read the page about where Martha got the name Adam for her son, I knew what i would write about!). So, when I was pregnant with my own children, I happily purchased several more books and set about picking the perfect names! Strangely enough, none came from a baby name book!

My first son is Spencer. My husband's mom wanted to name him Spencer when he was born, but his Dad said no, and so Joe he became. Joe had always loved the name Spencer, so I knew from the moment we started dating that if I married him, we would have a son named Spencer. I didn't have much say on that name. Luckily, I loved the name! It's unique-at least in our section of the country. There are actually 1 or 2 other Spencers in town, but we don't cross paths with them very often. Most people, if they hear "Spencer", think of our son. I like that-especially since I grew up as one of the many, many Amy's in my class. I was always Amy B., or Little Amy, or Brownie.

When I was pregnant with Cooper, we had a list of names we were debating (I don't even remember the other names anymore), but I heard the name Cooper mentioned and I loved it immediately. Joe worked on a TV show at the time where Anderson Cooper was the host, and he thought he was a very cool guy, so Joe liked the name Cooper, as well. We agreed easily, and Cooper he became. We didn't know any other Coopers...but as soon as he was born, so many people said that they knew other Coopers...oh well...he is one of 2 Coopers in 1st grade at his school, but he is his own self, very independent. After we had Spencer and Cooper, we were asked a few times if we were big movie buffs-Spencer Tracy and Gary Cooper!

With Kendall, we already had that name in mind. We had planned for years that we would name our daughter Katie. However, I had a student one year (pre-kids) named Kendall, though she spelled it differently. She was adorable-feisty, fun, and full of spunk. The name fit her to a t-and we fell in love with the name! So, when I was pregnant with Kendall, and she was doing major gymnastics in my belly, it felt right. She is truly a Kendall-very spirited, feisty, and spunky. I can't imagine her a Katie (though I am sure if she was a Katie, I would say the same thing!). Her name has become more popular as well, but I think she can hold her own with the other Kendalls-my girl is no wallflower! Interestingly enough, Spencer has a friend in his 3rd grade class named Kendall and her brother is...Cooper! I guess great minds think alike! Hahaha!

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Emily said...

I love children's names, I was much the same as you through my young life. I still think about names even though I am not having any more children. I've loved Amelia for a girl for a long time and Sawyer for a boy. Now my latest for these mythical children is Neely for a girl.