Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello! I DID have big plans to blog this summer...honestly...but look, it's been two months! Whaaa??? Where did time go? This summer flew by! I had all these plans to decorate my house, cook amazing meals, schedule fun things for my kids, and read! Well, I guess I needed a summer off! Did not do as much as I planned...but I did: go to the coast several times, go to the San Diego Zoo, work out, clean the house, see a concert at the Greek theatre, have a garage sale, plan a Hawaiian theme birthday party for boys, visit the first mission in California, clean out a classroom and set up a NEW classroom (Moving to 4th grade!!!), read a lot, play a lot, swim, take my kids swimming at the club many times, take the kids to VBS, swim lessons, cooking classes and sports camp, cook some good meals, eat lots of Mexican food, play with Lily, took my kids to a children's show in San Francisco, celebrate my 12th anniversary with Joe...that is a lot! Tomorrow I go back to work...already! It should be a good year! I will have Spencer in my classroom! He's super excited! I have had fun setting things up and planning for our year-thanks to Pinterest. Man, you can find anything on that site! My 4th grade board has about 400 pins! Ha! I will leave you with some scenes from our summer...and a promise to be back soon!

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kmcory said...

So sweet, Amy. Looking good, girl. Your heart is amazing and don't let the lure of "achievement" make you think you aren't "accomplishing" great things. Your kids are your greatest accomplishment and it sounds like it was a wonderful summer with them. I can't wait to hear about 4th grade, especially with Spencer in your class. So exciting!