Monday, September 24, 2012

Reading reading reading!

Inspired by a real-life murder that threatened to topple the powerful Hapsburg dynasty in the 17th century, The Bloodletter's Daughter imagines how one young woman holds more power than she thought possible. Join From Left to Write on September 25 as we discuss the The Bloodletter's Daughter. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes. I absolutely loved this book! I miss my old book club in Southern California for introducing me to great books, but I am so happy to have From Left To Write to help me read books I might not have picked up on my own!

I realize how much I adore historical fiction now-something I rarely picked up pre book club (I was stuck in a chick lit mode). I love learning about time periods, cultures, events in history, as well as getting lost in a good story. So many times I have finished a book and hopped onto Google to learn more about a character or an event.

This year I am teaching 4th grade, and my students have a requirement of reading 30 books from several different genres. I know this is important because kids can get stuck on their faves, too-right now Diary of a Wimpy Kid is being passed around like crazy. I want my students reading-reading anything (yes, even Captain Underpants!), but I want them to stretch out of their comfort zone and try different types of books. I am excited to see them grow as readers and find a genre they love. I am currently adding more and more books for them to discover-thanks to my local library bookstore (25 cent books) and (If you are not on there, go now!).

It's an effort to have a reading life. People are always amazed at how much I read-being a mom of 3 with a full time job-but it's so worth it! I almost fell out of the chair when my hairdresser told me that she has been reading a book-the same one for the last two years! I can't imagine going to sleep at night without a peek into my current book. What suffers of course is my sleep, but it's still worth it.

What about you? What genre are you loving now? And what sacrifices do you make to have a reading life?? Isn't it so worth it???

(And if you want to win a copy of this book, please go to this site and enter-your chances are good! 5 copies being given away and only 15 people have entered so far!!!)


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

What a great idea to encourage your students to read other genres. I'm with you. Before the book club, I pretty much kept to the same genres. Now I'll read almost any genre.

Linda Lafferty said...

First of all, GOD BLESS YOU! I was a teacher for 28 years. Part of that time I was a reading teacher.

I taught from K-12, and was a TA at the University of Colorado. Most of my years were as an ESL teacher.

To open the door to books, what a magical gift. Truly. You can change a life forever and ever.

Reading in different genres is fantastic. Kids might know what they love until the see it for the first time.

And then they are hooked!

Keep up the good work, Amy.

melanie said...

i'm with you--even with four kids and all the schlepping around that that entails--i will always be reading and always find a way and a time to finish a variety of books (although i'm finding the black count a bit of a challenge!).