Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkins, part deux

We took Coop to the patch now. Spence insisted that Coop needed to go, too. We have some great patches around here, but we went back to the familiar Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch. Spence had a grand time getting dirty, and Coop loved walking around, trying to catch up with big brother. He does that quite a bit. Today he saw Spence sitting on the couch watching a show, and Coop climbed up to sit just like his brother. Of course, his attention span is about 5 seconds for TV, which is fine with me, so it wasn't enough time to run and get the camera.

Poor Coop, he also got 5 shots today! My poor baby...he was so brave, and was even laughing later in the evening. Spencer remarked in the car on the way there, "Mommy, I am so proud that I don't have to get shots!" Cracks me up...I have been saying to him things like, "Good, you helped your brother. You must be proud of yourself." and "You stayed in bed last night! You must feel good!"....comments courtesy of Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours...a great discipline book, with a Christian parent's perspective. Check it out, mamas!
Enjoy the pictures.... I love the one of Coop chasing after his brother...what we have to look forward to...lovin' it!!!!!!! Boys rock!

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