Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's my week!

Yes, it is! Wednesday was my birthday! Hello, 30-something....heeeheee....had 4 celebrations, lucky me! And tomorrow is Mother's Day! I love being a mom! How can one truly put into words how it feels to be a mom...I could go and on, but I think most of you know the feeling...:-)

So, i will leave you with what you most care about...the pictures....the one of me and boys (not posing, of course...) on my birthday. They gave me a "princess party"! One of me and my man about to go out for steak!
One of Spencer celebrating his pre-school birthday (summer birthdays celebrate early...though it did trick him a bit. He kept saying he was 4!)

Happy birthday shout outs to Maddie, who is 11! Morgan, who is 1!! And Robin, my fellow birthday gal! Happy wedding wishes to my cousin Paolo and his bride, wishing I could have been there for their Italian wedding, I am sure it was beautiful! :-)

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Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!