Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New bike..and other mommy thoughts

So, I know you were on pins and needles waiting for the picture of Spence on his new...and first...real bike....today was Bike Day at pre-school, and he had a blast! He'll tell you all about the bike safety talk and how a policeman was there, and how he got a trophy...lucky him!

Also included a pic of Spencer as "Super Kid" at pre-school...leads the pledge, rings the bell, picks the circle activities, leads the calendar, etc. (Cute note: He calls all flags "the pledge of allegiance"). Can't believe the end of the year is rapidly approaching for him...as I have been counting down my days (20 days left...), I forgot I am also counting down his first year of pre-school. Makes me sad. Does every parent feel sadness at the thought of their child growing up? I know Joe is looking forward to the boys getting bigger and bigger, yet, I want to keep them small...is just a mommy thing???

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