Monday, November 19, 2007

Still here..

...yes, life is busy right now! We're still here! It's Thanksgiving Week, and I have the week off! my sweats, just enjoyed a nice, long, hot catching up on my internet stuff. the boys are great! Cooper is talking more, and so smart...he knows how to take the lid off the child proof lids...think tylenol, children's vitamins...yeah, not so great! Spencer is happy as always. He slept over at Grandma's house last night..what a treat! (Coop enjoyed only child night). Now he is planning his next sleepover with his cousin Jake. We also have several playdates already set up for this week. I really could be a stay-at-home mom!

Ok, enjoy the pictures...Spence picked Coop to be his guest at his school Thanksgiving Feast...aren't they cute? Plus,some other random pix for your viewing pleasure.

IF you have any great girl names, send the my way! We are stuck for some names....

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