Friday, September 11, 2009

*Pictures coming soon & Weekend Links

(Sentiment "stolen" from :love her quote cards!!!!)

OK, OK, I'm still here....can you believe I have NOT downloaded the pics from my camera in Sept yet? Yikes! Man, this "work" thing sure puts a damper on my real life! Ha! Not to mention all the doctor appts I scheduled for us in September...not sure why I did that....4 more to go this month, 4 down already?!? And tomorrow is Spencer's FIRST soccer game! Go, Lions!!! Can't wait to see it!

We're all fine here, enjoying school and life. Spencer adores first grade! His "low" of the day (every night, we say our highs and lows of the day) is always "leaving school"! He has lots of friends, a teacher who enjoys him, and he likes learning!! Cooper is liking pre-school and going to Miss Michelle's. He says he goes to two schools! Kendall is a happy girl at Miss Michelle's. She claps when we pull up to her house. That makes this working mama feel MUCH better. Of course, I'd rather be home with her, but knowing she is loved and happy makes it bearable. Her friend Sophia is back, too.

I've been itching to do some scrapping lately...actually took pics of some of my pages..but have downloaded the pix yet. Truth is, my new phone has my email and facebook, and so I have not been on the computer as's an addiction, those "crackberries". Hee-hee..I took a picture of it as one of my picture of the days....

Haven't not forgotten the links....I save posts I read if I think you might enjoy it, so let me know if you do! Getting close to my 300th post. Wowee!!! Maybe I should do a giveaway! stay tuned!!!!

COOL new site for ideas!!

OK, so you don't scrap, you might LOVE this idea...I love it, too!!!!

Apple cider vinegar and all of it's healing properties....personal note: Joe and I chugged some yesterday and FEEL a lot better today!!!! Doesn't taste great, though...

Happy Weekend! Tell someone you love them right now!!!!

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Sally said...

Isn't that ella publishing company great? I've yet to get brave enough to chug ACV. I've only ever used it as a safe-for-pregnancy skin treatment. I diluted it with a little bit of water in a small travel bottle and applied it with a cotton pad, like a toner. It worked great, but like I said, I smelled like salad dressing! :0)