Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weekend Links*********

Hello,'s been a long (so tired of changing my schedule with the kids.....), not a lot of sleep, busy (Bunco, doctor's appt in Modesto and Chuck E Cheese trip for the kiddos) and just emotionally drained for many reasons. Is it summer vacay yet???

But I am here with a few links, sorry no pix, my 365 project is lacking...I think I can dig up a few pics for the last few days...Spencer's soccer practice, my new phone (Blackberry...finally catching up..somewhat...with the times!LOL)...but haven't downloaded the pics in a while...
ANYWAY, just need some more sleep and I'll be all better!

Thanks for your sweet comments on Brandy. Even though I didn't know her all that well, I saw her kids almost everyday for the last 2 years (since they are Miss Michelle's with my kids) and we'd post things on each other's wall and tag each other on facebook. Whenever I saw her in person, she was so friendly and positive. She truly was a special person, and her funeral last night illustrated just that. It was packed, with so many people sharing inspiring stories about her, and ended with a standing ovation for Brandy, for a life well led. Way too short, but she did a lot in her 31 years! Makes me think, what have I done??? Not enough...need to get living....

So, here's a few links to brighten your day:
A new magazine about families....looks interesting

Got a printer? Need some art? Free art!

Creative family blog and up the printer here!

So many bakers, some bad mistakes....cake wrecks! (thanks, steph, for the funny suggestion!)

I know many of you aren't locals, and here's a nice story our local paper did on Brandy.

Happy WeEKeNd!!!!!!!

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