Thursday, April 22, 2010

We moved!!!

Well...there went April....seriously! started busy and now ending busy! We celebrated Kendall's 2nd birthday! It was very low key. I actually feel low next year I have to give her a blow out! i'm picturing a pink tea party for my girly girl! then, we moved! Yippee! I don't know if you knew...but I hated my house! The floor plan was great, the neighborhood was fine, but after getting robbed last fall, I had been ready to move on. plus, we were always sick there and it was dark and falling apart. So...when this new house popped up in the neighborhood we really wanted to be in, we were thrilled! So airy and open and light! 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, big family room, nice size backyard. We are happy here! We have good friends down the street, our babysitter is around the corner, the kids all have friends close by. I have been bad at taking pics...and now I'm not on my computer so I don't have any pics to share. Sorry! I will update more later. Just wanted to pop in and say {hello}!!!!! Enjoy Earth Day!!!

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My world said...

glad to hear about the new house!!