Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't visit us

We have had the winter illness sweeping our house lately...ugh...first Cooper had about 4 hours of throwing up and then he's all better. The next day, Kendall gets diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia...but she's better except for the ever present runny in the valley allergies? Then, poor Spencer started feeling feverish and coughing up a storm on Sunday. (my sweet guy riding the bull! He did very well!)He's been out of school all week, sick. Today he was diagnosed with bronchitis and ear infections and needs an inhaler now..ugh...poor kid. so don't visit us right now. Seriously need to disinfect everything!!!! I've been feeling a little yucky, but hey, mamas can't get sick, right???

However, Spencer did have a bright spot today...he lost a tooth! His first! I pulled it out since it was literally hanging in his mouth tooth fairy is coming tonight. I've been learning from my friends that she doesn't leave 50 cents anymore, like when I was a kid! How much should I leave him? $1? $2? My friend Shelly's son told her that he would take a credit card when he lost his first tooth! Hahahaha! Our kids are not so innocent anymore, are they? I've learned to put my phone away when Cooper told me the other day he needed to text his Grandma!

Sorry about the pics...haven't downloaded any from my camera in a while..on my to do list! But i love the one of Coop and Kendall...playing in a box together, happy! Love those moments!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes.... find a blog that speaks to you, that is REAL, and makes you feel better about not having the perfect house, the healthy home cooked meals every night, and a fun craft/learning activity several times a day for your sweet children....thank you so much, Kim, for introducing me to your hilarious and real mom friend (who was also a child star....and shares some some interesting stories!) and read this post right now!!!!!:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Wow, where is time going??? Already halfway through February! Enjoying the warmer weather we've been having...the boys are playing outside with the hose...little Kendall is napping. I'm actually waiting for her doctor to call since we had a xray done this morning. She's had a lingering cough for a while so I took in her in finally this morning.
(Edited: Doctor just called...she has bronchial pneumonia...poor baby girl!!! She's going to be fine, just needs some meds...)

What have we been up to this month??? Spencer was Student of the Month this month! Cooper sitting with Spencer's class for some of the assembly. That will be him next year! Waaah!!!!Congrats!!! Valentine's Day...Cooper's valentines (bags of candy hearts attached)....I was in co-charge of his school's Valentine's Party. It was such a fun day being a mommy!!! I had a lunch date with Cooper, then went and volunteered for Spencer's classroom party. We made necklaces, one of the projects I had planned for Cooper's party that morning.
Kendall had a party, too...but Daddy went to hers!
Trying to be crafty! Made this silhouettes of the boys! (Kendall's picture didn't come out right...need to finish hers). Simply took a side view of the boys, enlarged to 5 X 7, cut them out, painted them black with craft paint and voila! Cannot take credit for this...but can't remember where I found it either!

Cool blogs: I daily check Check the archives for some awesome ideas! She has this great post about Project 52, date nights! Check that out!
Also, I"ve been cooking! I love being home (off work this week!). Last night I made the Pioneer Woman's Ranch chicken. SO delish! Anything with bacon has to be delish!This recipe is not in her awesome cookbook, but you can find it at her site.
Reading! Finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins last night. Wow, that was a page turner for sure...didn't really want to read it because I thought it would be too science-fiction-y for me, but it was a great read. Now I need to go request the second book in the series from the library! (Have I mentioned how much I love the library??? We have access to all the books from Bakersfield to Merced!)
What have YOU been up to?