Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We have decided to spend our Valentine's Days as a least while our kids are young! Joe and I typically have our date a few days before and then do something as a family. This year, we had heart shaped pizza on our china! Yes, get it out more than once a year! (Anyone think wedding china is worth it? I wish now I had registered for something else!) The kids loved it! Then, we played games-a Cupid Game I found online, and then the Kinect for XBox, which was a surprise for the kiddos from Daddy. It's a lot of fun because the whole family can play along. It was a fun day!

We are supposed to be in Arizona right now....but thanks to my lovely car needing lots of work and our mechanic saying we shouldn't take it out of town...we are home. But we've spent a lot of time hanging as a family, going to Barnes and Noble,'s good to be home. The good news is that I think we are going to get ME a new car!'s been fun researching our options. I will keep you posted. Still leaning towards mini-vans...yes, I AM that mom!
Cooper got his first basket at Upwards Basketball last Saturday!

He is loving basketball and we are loving the Upwards program! Wish they had Upwards soccer...we are having a great experience. Our coaches rock, no one really keeps score, and the main goal is get all the kids to get a basket! The coaches help out both sides. Love it!!!
Haven't been crafty lately...but here's some of my latest bookmarks for your perusal.

Rules for Your it!

IF you love handprint art as much as me!

Anthropologie Style Necklace (made by the cutest mama ever!) (I am SO making this!!!)

Reading with your kids (Reading with the whole family...we are so into this. Spencer and I just finished the first Boxcar Children of my fav series as a kid!)

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