Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where have I been????

Let's see...date weekend in SF with my hubby and friends (Daniel Tosh rocks! See him if you can!)

And then THE FLU. Yes, after almost $500 in co-pays and meds...I have learned my lesson. Get a flu SHOT. Every year. On Time. Oh well. We survived...so anyways....that's where I have been. And if you know anything about sick families, I am STILL cleaning up the laundry backlog, chores, and everything else. Plus, Valentine's Day! The kids all had parties. Joe and I went out pre-Valentine's Day for a date, and then spent last night as a family: heart shaped pizza on our fine china, games, and a movie! It was the perfect family Valentine's Day!
So, I am behind in my organizing...but luckily, I already had a home management binder
and a recipe binder! Who--hoo! Now to get back on track with meal planning....
Hope your Feb. is going great! I plan to be back more often! Promise! Pinky swear! See you soon! Here's some cute shots of the kiddos


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