Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, well, well...look who is back

Hello...sorry to be MIA for so long! BUT good news: my new baby-uh, I mean, new camera is here...and I will be updating more often! Sadly, I have not been able to play much with it this week, but I will. So bear with me and with these photos from my lil point and shoot (which I do love being able to carry in my purse). However, one prob-I need a new camera bag....any recommendations? I went to Target for a cheapie and the cheapie was $45-so if I am paying that amount, I want a good one! So, please let me know!

Basketball is now over-sad. Cooper LOVED it and we LOVED the coaches! They were so good to the kids! I seriously think Upward Bounds is THE best sports program! I am not a fan of organized sports for kids, but this is great! Focus on fun and learning-not competition! We never kept score, and our coaches goals were that every child on the team would get a basket (even if it meant lifting them to the basket). It was so great to see coaches helping the other team, handing the ball to kids, picking them up-I think every child had a great experience. i wish they would bring Upwards Soccer to town. We haven't been impressed with the local soccer league at all. The parents really bug me-too competitive! Anyway, that's my little commercial for Upwards!

We are working on being more organized and helping out at home-started the boys morning schedules. Spencer does fantastic if he has a list!

He does it, no problem. Will be adding an evening routine next. Evenings can be a little chaotic in our house some nights. I am reading Dr. Leman's book Have a New Kid by Friday, and I love what he says. I will share more when I finish-but his reality discipline ideas are the best. I saw him speak once and he was great!

Kendall had her "visitation day" at her new pre-school-a parent co-op that we love! She was so excited, and seriously, the 3rd child is so different-I think we could have dropped her off and she would have been fine without us! She sat by cousin Pana, played with Sami, and even got a hug from Cassius at the end of class. She can't wait to go back! Cannot believe MY baby will be in pre-school next fall!

Anyone still trying to stay organized??? I am still loving Ton's blog, but another fav of mine, The Simple Mom, is having her Project Simplify right now. Check it out. The first week was to go through your master closet. Well, I went through the kids clothes this weekend-pulling out the spring and summer stuff- but didn't make it to mine. Why is it so much more fun to go through kid clothing than mine? I printed out her suggestions, though, and will be working on that this week.
OK, so share your camera bags suggestions! Happy Monday!

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sabrina said...

Sorry can't resist but I have to plug Thirty-One! We don't have "camera" bags but we do have some great bags that would work perfectly as a camera bag..and stylish too! Sally's party is the 23rd!!!