Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Reading

So, what are you planning on reading???? The kids are signed up for the library reading program, Spencer is finding new series of books he likes (he told me he doesn't care for The Boxcar Children-which I loved growing up and he's "over" the A to Z Mysteries series).
I am excited to plan my are some of the books I plan to read this summer:

1. Some classics: reread Jane Eyre and read Middlemarch
2. some other more contemporary classics I missed: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
3. Parenting books: I am currently rereading 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know and I'd like to read Growing Grateful Kids. I plan to read 50 Things Every Gentleman Should Know to my boys and have the journal about it
4. Some interesting reads: Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, The Paris Wife, Summer Rental
5. Bossypants-heard so many friends loved it!
6. Finally read Water for Elephants...finally
7. and whatever else comes up on my on hold list at the library...make sure you friend me on to see what I end up reading this summer
8. I am currently reading The Unexpected Circumnavigation right now for my new reading group: From Left to Write. We read a book that is sent to us and blog about it-not a book review, but anything you think about while reading. A cool site-if you love reading and blogging, check it out! This month's book is about 2 30 somethings who quit their jobs and decide to sail around the world for 2 years-and they only took up boating a few years beforehand. This book chronicles their first leg-San Diego to the Tahiti area and all the islands they visit. Very interesting...I would like to visit some of the places she describes, just not by boat-I don't have the sailing/boating personality...

I will keep you updated on what my boys enjoy reading, too. Please leave me a comment with what you are planning to read!

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