Monday, June 20, 2011

SuMmEr Schedule....

So this year I am not making big plans to have a set schedule.

To be honest, we are so scheduled and rushing around during the school year, that I like to be able to relax and I love having my kids decide how to fill the moments of our days. Play, play and more play. And some fighting here and there...they are brothers after all! But having them work it out and teaching them strategies to deal with each other is helpful. But, being the elementary school teacher I am, I do need a bit of a plan! (I remember making "lesson plans" for my mom and mother-in-law when I would first leave Spencer with them....anyone else do that too???)
So, I read this post: Summer Sanity Schedule and was inspired to have theme days...
Monday will be Library Day. We are in the summer reading program, so we'll go get new books and turn in our reading logs. We spent an hour there today after vacation Bible school looking for books and yes, playing on the library computers! Spencer, who is a big bookworm, just started getting picky with his reading. No more Boxcar Children, no more A to Z Mysteries...he wants more grown up books. We are finishing James and the Giant Peach together, and he and Daddy just started some Dragon series.
Tuesday will be Writing Day. I want the boys to keep a little journal and write letters...we have been sponsoring a boy from Africa, Kalab. We talk about him a lot, have his photo in our kitchen, but we have not been good about writing to him. I want to work on that.
Wednesday will be Cooking Day. This Wednesday I think we will make pickles! I found a recipe in Family Fun magazine that looks easy!
Thursday will be Playdate Day. I will set up playdates for the kids so they can keep in touch with kids from school, as well as our friends and cousins. Though we can have playdates any day, too.
Friday will be Art Day. Unfortunately, with all the pressure to teach standards, art is becoming a forgotten subject in school. So I want to make sure I do art projects with my kiddos.
Of course, we'll still be doing chores and working on our summer workbooks in the morning, as well as daily exercise, but having a theme will also give the kids something to look forward to (I hope!).
We made our summer list of activities-will post a pic later, but you should see what the mom where I got the idea from did this year: Summer List. I so want a BIG chalkboard. Where can I find one???

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sabrina said...

Love that chalkboard! I should take the one off of Kara's easel that she never uses and add a frame to it!!! Love the theme days!