Saturday, July 23, 2011

New blog obsession...

Uh-oh, if you are a may want to skip this post. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending many hours blog perusing...
I found the new world of teacher blogs! I have been firing up the printer and getting excited for school! I've been excited for school since Cooper will be in my class this year, but to be honest, I was nervous about 1st grade. I generally like teaching kids a little older. But now, I am super excited! Here are some to get you started...if *first grade* is not your thing, check the links on the sides for other grade levels. Have fun!

The First Grade Parade

The Inspired Apple

Mrs. Kincaid's First Grade

Mrs. Bainbridge's 1/2 Combo (TONS of things here!)
Oh, and here's one offering a pretty cool freebie (just found this site today!):
First Grade Pandamonium Go and check her out! :-)

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