Friday, January 06, 2012

Blog lovin'

OK, so one of my New Year's Resolutions...or, well, just a life change, is that I want to dress better-more stylish. I've spent the last 8 years buying for my kiddos instead...I get so excited walking into Gymboree or baby Gap. However, for me, I just throw on whatever. I've been trying to add to my wardrobe, spice it up. I finally got on the boots bandwagon, thanks to my sweet Joe who bought me a pair of black, knee length boots. LOVE them. Now on the hunt for cute skirts to wear with them!!
Anyway, I stumbled onto this blog: The Tiny Twig, and she has a whole bunch of posts about building a "no brainer" wardrobe. Cute stuff. So, I purchased her ebook: The No Brainer Wardrobe. I've only flipped through it, but it looks good! Now, I think I may finally join Pinterest, so I can start "pinning" outfits and styles. I don't know much about wish me luck!!! Anyone have any thing to tell me about it? Or things you've pinned that you can share???

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