Saturday, February 04, 2012

What's Amy been up to?

OK, seriously pinterest!!! (Find me-mommyinca) Are you??? I cannot stop pinning! Now-the trick will be to use my pins! I have one made recipe so far-cilantro lime rice (YUM!) and taken some of the ideas to do a Valentine-a-day project for Joe. Every day, he gets a small treat attached to a love note. Yesterday he got an Itunes card with a note attached that said "You rock my world!" and today he got a pack of Extra gum with a note that said, "Our love is everlasting!". He is liking it!
In my class, I am doing a spin on a pin (hee-hee) called The Acts of Friendship. I attached little notes that have something we can do for a friend (ask someone to play, help someone in need, make a card for a friend, etc) to Valentine pencils. Each morning, we draw one and then try to do that act during the day. At the end of the day, the kids share what they did and I pick one lucky person to get the Valentine pencil. They are enjoying it!
Using my pins to give me clothing ideas...trying to be more fashion savvy-after years of buying for my kiddos only. Been adding skirts and scarves to my wardrobe. I've gotten a few compliments to my clothes, so I guess it is working!
So, I guess I am using my pins! Now, to try the crafty ones...I really want to do a craft a month-didn't get much done in January craft in Feb, will do 2 to make it up! I will keep you updated on what I do. my non-fiction book, Quiet. A good read-took me several weeks. I chatted Joe's ear off about it! Next up: 50 Things Every Gentleman Should Know. Need to dig it out.
No recent pics to share-most of pic taking has been on my Iphone...and my ICloud isn't working right, so the pics aren't showing up on the computer yet. I think my poor Rebel has cobwebs...but the Iphone is sooo fun-especially Instagram. But here's a few for my family and friends to enjoy...from Christmas!!

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