Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*Family Time*

Seriously, taking vacations-even short vacations-is such a memory maker for a family! I love love taking little trips with my kids! We have so much fun recounting those times together. I wish we could afford more elaborate trips, but at this stage of our life, we're cannot. And that's OK. We are lucky to live in Vacation State-California! Over Spring Break, we headed to San Francisco for a few days. We've been there before a couple times as a family-but we wanted to do more, including the touristy stuff. Our wonderful friend Steph lives there and has shown us so many great not so touristy places, but we wanted to take the kiddos to Chinatown,

Pier 39,

Golden Gate,

Discovery Center in Sausalito. So we did! And we had fun! Including a middle of the night fire alarm at our hotel! Always an adventure! And we ate such great food-real Chinese food in a quiet, fancy restaurant overlooking Chinatown's busy streets, hot clam chowder in a bread bowl, huge breakfast-the KEY we've learned for traveling with children. Stuff them with a big breakfast and they don't complain of hunger for hours!
Love this family of mine!

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