Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bad blogger and boys' update

Ok, bad blogger...lagging on the blog...we have been soooo busy...My boys had their 1 and 3 year dr. appts, then Spence had a dentist visit and an eye doctor visit. We are caught up for at least 6 months! :-) Spence finished his swim lessons this week, too. He loved them! We have been doing stuff around the house, putting up a ceiling fan, getting concrete along the side of the house, and getting an estimate for hardwood in our family room. Now that we have been here a year, it is time to make some changes. It's very exciting!

Spence is a total crack up now...the things he says. "Mommy, our house is beautiful", "Let me think about it" (when he is getting in trouble, he'll sit down, fold his arms and say this), hmm...what else, I know he is cracking us up all day, I need to keep my journal out all the time to capture these funny moments.
Coop is starting to walk. He's not that interested. He can walk, but he prefers to crawl and he is fast! He is waving bye to everyone and "talking" a lot more. He calls Joe "da". He is starting to rough house with his daddy and brother and becoming more of a daddy's boy. My cute them!
I'll leave you with a few pics of Cooper's party...

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