Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Isn't it funny how some songs just bring back so many memories? Driving today, I heard three songs that brought back memories that were so strong I could picture the tiniest details. The first was "Hotel California", which made me remember the drive to Palm Springs with Robin, Cynthia, Amy, and Michelle for Spring Break freshman year. I can recall the quiet road, the song we were all singing and philosophizing about (what does that song really mean? Years later, I heard it was written about the mental hospital in Camarillo, now CSU Channel Islands, where I took some summer writing classes, now that brings back other, slightly freaky memories....). I can picture the red jeep we were in, so excited to be on our first college spring break!
The second song was "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes. I could instantly picture myself walking down an Isla Vista street late at night. It was cold and we girls were singing that song as loudly as we could, linking arms and laughing. Ah, college life!
The last song that brough back such strong feelings was "Home" by Coldplay. I remember sitting on the rocking chair in the Tarzana hospital nursery, rocking my 4 day old baby Spence, hoping that we could take finally take him home after a horrible hospital mix-up (not the baby, the lab work!). I can picture the striped wallpaper, and hear the nurses chatting with each other as they rocked and fed and changed tiny babies. I sang the part about home to Spence, and was so thrilled that only an hour or so later, he was released! Wow, the power of music...
SOOOO excited to see friends this weekend that some we haven't seen in a long time...Brian, Chip, Vicki, and Steph! Yay!
Pic is of Spencer and Jake, his cousin and buddy in crime!

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