Sunday, June 25, 2006

that's life

Did you hear how the govt. is thinking of getting rid of the penny? I guess they have to make more pennies than any other coin because people stash in. If I see a penny laying around the house, I usually leave it in whatever drawer, closet, purse I find it in. But if it is a quarter, I snatch it up (or Spence does and puts it in his piggy bank). New Zealand apparently did away with the penny, and everything is going fine without it. Merchants just adjust prices slighty, in fact, to the consumers' benefit. Hmmm...I also heard KFed (Kevin Federline, Mr. Britney Spears, a fellow Central Californian, I don't really like claiming that!) is on a mission to save the penny (and his career)! Hee-hee
Summer is trucking along...3 weeks into my summer break. Spence had and loved swim lessons, we're slowly working on potty training, playing, playing and swimming...Cooper is taking more steps now. He is pretty cautious, not like his danger ranger older brother.
HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to my little sis Jenny! She had a great day yesterday partying out in LA and then spending time with her hubby back home in San Diego. She got THE camera I want for her birthday! Lucky gal! :-) CAN'T wait to see her this weekend! She and Just are coming up! Then we are going there in July to visit her and the San Diego Zoo. Spencer needs to see some real animals. He wants to see the elephants and the snakes.
The pics today are:.. one of the Daddy Pics photos (spell out DADDY and put into a picture frame). And one of the birthday girl with her prince charming at Buca de Beppo when we visited in April. Love ya, Jenny!

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Sally said...

Great picture of the boys! I'm longing for a new camera too.