Saturday, September 30, 2006

5 weird things

(Aren't they tooo cute....)

Ok, Sally tagged me....
5 Weird Things About Yourself....

1. I have a lock phobia. I have to check, double check, and sometimes triple check that I locked the car door or house. When I went to Nashville last week, we left at 5:00 AM, and I was worried for hours that I left the house unlocked (and maybe the door not shut all the way...).

2. I set my alarm for times like 6:22, 6:37, 7:03...never times like 6:30 or 7:00.

3. I have to write everything on the calendar, hence, my calendar is always full...too full

4. I get headaches a lot. I have been to the doctor and the eye doctor, and they can't find anything wrong.

5. My eyes do not like glasses. I get my eyes checked, glasses ordered, and then within a few days, my prescription is wrong. Back to the doctor, new prescription, and still happens. I have been to 3 different doctors, and it still happens. I prefer my contacts anyway.

OK, I am tagging: Vicki and Brian....go!

SCrappers: Here's a cool tip from Heidi Swapp's blog: rub the sides of your pictures with sandpaper, and then you don't have to mat them. It's a cool technique. Check out her blog. I just went and tried it on a pic and it looks good.


Sally said...

Oh, you're not that weird. Sorry about the headaches! That can't be fun. What IS weird is that the link to me is for bible study?!?!?!

Jen said...

I thought that was weird too about Sally's link, so I looked closer and noticed the bible page is blogPSOT instead of Sally's blogSPOT. Crazy what a little typo can do on the internet. And since I'm posting, I just wanted to say how right you were about Stacy Julian's Big Picture Scrapbooking book (I peak at your blog from time to time from Sally's and I ran out and bought the book after reading your thoughts on the book, and what a difference it has made--Thank You!!)