Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm baaaack!

OK, I made it and I'm home...boy, did I miss my boys a lot. But I came back inspired to be a better mom! If you are mom of a child 5 and under, go find a MOPS group! It's such a great organization! I was amazed at how close many groups got and how much they did for one another.
PLus, seeing Nashville was cool, too. No, I didn't go to the Grand Ole Opry this time(even though we were staying right next door...here.) But I went out with the Fergusons to Franklin and downtown historic Franklin and saw their house. It's so different in Tennessee. So green and lush, with trees and bushes everywhere. I really enjoyed touring and was inspired to maybe move there myself. Maybe...it would be nice to get more for our money than what we get in CA and be a stay at home mom. Is that crazy?
Anyway, before we up and move, I did really enjoy our visit. BUT I was happy to be home with my boys. They missed me. I think Daddy missed me the most! He did a great job!
Hope all is well with you, my friends.
Sorry, no pics to post. I didn't bring my camera. Bought postcards. But go check out the link and see the awesome Opryland Hotel. It's gorgeous!

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Sally said...

I'm so glad you had fun. Every time I go to Kelli's, I want to come home and totally revamp my own home. I'm sure her Tennessee home is no different!