Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California...and other thoughts

OK, so California is pretty wonderful...maybe not my neck of the woods..but there are many wonderful places in our golden state. And southern Cal is is one of them...and now it's a complete mess...fires are a fact of life if you live in SoCal. During our years living there, many fires were had...I remember seeing the orange sky in the evening from our townhome in Thousand Oaks when Simi was hit pretty badly a few years ago. the bad air, the ash falling from the sky, people wearing face masks if they were outdoors, no recess at school for days...That was scary enough. But it has been horrendous lately. I am in shock, a million people evacuated! The church we attended in LA, Malibu Presbyterian, is gone. I can't believe that! But they will rebuild, it is a strong church. And the fires in Irvine and San, whole neighborhoods gone. Jenny, my sis, lives in SD, but she is not in the fire zone, thank goodness! She said it has been crazy! Her work, and her husband Justin's work, has been closed all week. She lives near Qualcomm Stadium, where the evacuees are going. She and Justin are actually leaving SD tomorrow and heading up here, with dogs in tow. They were planning to come on Saturday for her friend's wedding, but now, they get to come earlier....yippeee...and I am glad she'll be out of there. Fallbrook, one of the towns I mentioned that I wanted to move to, is/was completely evacuated. Wow...and we have friends with family who live in the San Marcos, Oceanside areas, hope they are OK. Crazy...
BUT also, it was interesting when I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN, and he was at Qualcomm Stadium, showing all the donations and snacks and the pretty calm situatioin going on there...and he said it was nothing like the stadium in New Orleans after Katrina! Ha,see California rocks! We take care of our people.
Ok, so moving Joe and I went on a field trip with Spence's pre-school to the pumpkin patch. Can't believe next year he will be going to the patch with his kinder was so weird, the other day, we were watching some video of Spencer when he was Cooper's age and he sounded just like Cooper! He was all pudgy. I got so choked up watching that. They grow up so fast. I can't even remember when he was that small. Now he's a big boy, writing and remembering all kinds of things and using his big vocabulary and only wanting to use grown-up plates and silverware and cups. "I'm a grown-up now!" he declares. not yet, my sweet boy...not mamas, hug your babies tighter because they won't be babies much longer....and go videotape!

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