Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Still here...doing fine...updates: 16 weeks now, feeling OK, just have this weird food thing going on...don't have much appetite for anything, nothing sounds good. I can't look at any raw food or even think about lunch/dinner before 10 AM or I want to throw up. Weird...and tomorrow night is bring your favorite 30 meal dinner and recipe to MOPS...don't know what to bring!!!!Starting to show, that's fun. I need some new maternity, though...and a Bella Band! Can't wait to get that so I can wear my regular pants. Poor 3rd kid...I haven't even bought a pregnancy book or anything, though I do get the weekly emails from I guess that is good!
Took a mental health day today. Hung out with the kiddos, went to the zoo, had a date with Spence at Barnes & Noble, ate chicken dinner that Joe cooked. Watched Private Practice...starting to weed out the shows so I can only have a few shows, so little Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother...Private Practice is growing on me. Gossip Girl, over...wanted to like Pushing Daisies (love the characters, especially the actress who plays Chuck, she's great), but I had a hard time sitting still for it. Still watching The Hills on MTV, it's my guilty pleasure. I think I like seeing the locales mostly....missing LA.
OK, should be in bed. I know you are waiting for pictures...have to charge the camera, but I have taken some!!!! POST tomorrow...I'll try! Happy Wednesday!

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