Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still here...

Sorry, bad blogger...busy, busy,and more busy...but I am here. I will download some pix tonight so you can see the cutest boys. Growing and great as ever! Spence went to the circus this week, he had a blast! It was a boys' trip..Daddy, Spence, Uncle Greg, and cousin Tyler. Coop stayed home with mommy. He has a short attention span...he's 2! :)
Anyway, not much else to say. I am feeling fine. Not too tired, I think working full time keeps me going! But I am going to bed lots earlier! Crashed out last night around 9:30 on the couch. The boys slept in until 7:30...yippee! I think they would have gone later...but our stereo somehow turned on and blasted Mexican music!!! WEIRD. I thought it was a neighbor...totally mad...until I realized it was coming from our house! The windows were,rainy weather...yes! I think all the neighbors woke up! Still weirds me out!
Anyway, congrats to Victoria and Daniel on the birth of baby Madeline! Maddie has 2 big brothers, Daniel and Gabriel! Thrilled for them! And congrats to Joe's uncle Mike and his wife Holly on the birth of baby Audrey this week. Love her name, so classic and pretty! Audrey has a big brother, Aidan, 1. They will be very busy!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yes, it's true!

You may have heard.....

yes, it's true....we're having a baby! #3...surprise! We are excited, though nervous, too. Just when you decide that two, two busy boys, are enough...yes, we will find out when the time is ready....and the good news is that I get to go on maternity leave! :-)Those of you who know how my year is going will understand...(Kim, if you are reading this...I have tried to call you several times, but we are totally missing each other...sorry, wanted to tell you in person!!!)
Last night we went to a wedding, Joe was best man for his friend Forrest. It was beautiful! Outside in her parent's backyard and the HOT weather cooled down, so it was a perfect night. Thebride, Kristine, was beautiful in a sleek dress...tall and blonde. It was fun! I danced most of the night with some friends and of course, my dancing twin Jillian! When Jillian and I are at a wedding together, we are always out on the dance floor shaking our white girl selves!
The bride and groom even hosted a party at their house afterward...but I went home to my babies, who woke up and both crawled into bed with me. Needless to say, I am exhausted today!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Oops...feel like that is my life right now...forgot to check email in 3 days, bought something on ebay and haven't paid...oops...and can't remember my paypal password,so can't pay b/c paypal wants me to call them...oops...oh, yeah, during their office hours I am teaching 20 squirrely 1st, oops, is late and I am up, will be tired in the morning...oops!

Sleep...Cooper update...we moved the boys into the same room and now he goes to sleep just fine! Mom bought them bunk beds, which are sitting in pieces in my living room floor...that's Joe's oops!

Took Spence to AWANA tonight...he loved it, though I made the working mother selfish decision while he was there to not send him this year...2 hours every week...away from me! He's only 4! Nope, can't do it. Of course, he loved it. I told him the next meeting was when he is in kindergarten. He wasn't happy, probably knew I lied, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do...ok, off to bed for me! Haven't taken a picture in awhile...double oops!!!!